Flab-u-less Meltaways FionAJoyce mission slimpossible

Married, kids not yet. But see laa...I am turning into a baloon...I can't even give confinement post-partum stuff as my excuse for being overweight.Even from a very far away photo snap like this, I look like a mini giant. Oh the thigh, the double chin. What else can baloon up? This was taken recently on 21 March 2017, on a vacation. But obviously not swimwear ready at all. Fat. Just that!

Current weight on scale 70.6kg as per 28 April 2017. Target weight is 50kg by 28 July 2017. Macam my cover photo. Cukuplah. If lebih sikit that will be a bonus. Lagipun hanya pernah turun sampai 48kg only paling ringan. So basically I am hoping to shed 10kg by 28 May 2017. Mampukah? Slimpossible sure yes!

Being worried about my weight for at least the past 2 weeks. But it all became too serious after my recent visit to the family doctor, and after explaining few problems regarding my period cycle with him, he just told this bluntly : "lose some weight and it will all become normal again". At that point, I could not even disagree anymore. Can't sleep well that night and been having a deep thought about the things I should do in order to manage my weight problem. The next day, I planned to get some serum for my face then I dropped by Shiseido kiosk to get some consultations. The consultant also manage to slip in some "lose your weight" comment and by this time...all I wanted to do is to just lose weight and lose fat. Lucky to have a husband who understand my worry and encourage to look for a way to lose all the messy fats.

So as my husband and I were walking around Taiping after our Secret Receipe tea break, we encountered this banner by the roadside and it attracted me to look for the place. We found it and we talked to this beauty consultant named Cindy and she introduced us to the procedure of Lipo Laser Treatment and 3 types of products to enhance and boost the fat loss and increase body metabolism to remove fatty layer. She has her partner/ colleague Suzy. I am quite convinced because I have seen the testimony and I have studied the procedure after we left the beauty centre that time. I have immediately booked an appointment the next day at 11am, I just have that hope to be able to lose my stubborn fat layer and in the same time regain my 2008 body.

Summary of the Lipo Laser Treatment

Cukup lah 2 video summary of what lipo laser all about. Yang penting selamat. So today iI went for my first trial and sekaligus register for a program inclusive of 13 lipo laser treatment and 6 sauna (free). These are results (photos) of my first trial looks like. The cost for a session is RM150, but since mine is a package so it is RM1500 for 13 sessions. Will stick to this programme until I saw more improvements to my body.

During the treatment
It is painless but just a bit of warm feeling on the tummy
My first session
Before (left) and After (right)
Before (left) and after (right)

Today at 12.30pm 30th April 2017 my weight ob the scale was 69.90kg so I am losing 0.7kg since I met the doctor.

F'Strim is out of stocks today. Will start this in the weekend.Cost : RM306 for 60 tablets.
I am on this Tummy Trimming, HELTI-S 2 tablets after dinner.Cost : RM119 for 30tablets
This tablet is taken once in the morning before breakfast. Cost : RM225 for 60 tablets. A month supply I assume.
Why African Mango?
Before and after testimony. I am eagerly anticipating mine.

Honestly, as I am hitting my 30s, my time to exercise has been replaced by many other things and concerns. Though I always have the gut to go and exercise, but sometimes I prefer to just get a little rest because I am tired especially these days where I am taking up part-time jobs besides my core one. So then, less time for activities force me to take up this expensive way because I would like to see the difference in a short amount of time, then only I will be more motivated to hit the gym hard out like last time. Masa tu harapnya tenaga dah kembali sedikit, coz sekarang memang sangat lemah dan malas...maybe an indicator that I am too much overweight already. Sad truth, but I am really ready for a change!

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