Lambeth Living Warm Roof & Balcony Waterproofing Applications - Prokol Refurbishment Package Prokol POLYMERS UK DIRECT Manufacturer OF HIGH PERFORMANCE hYDROPHOBIC SEAMLESS LIQUID MEMBRANES - MINIMUM 30 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY

Working In Partnership with

Prokol Polymers UK - Mears & Lambeth Local Housing Authority Working Together

Prokol Polymers UK have been working with Lambeth as a client for over twenty five years, initially we were specified by a main contractor into Lambeth Council with our 8 second cure CE Certified walkway coatings. This overcoat or Prokol regeneration structural waterproof coating with anti slip was applied to 3000 m2 of communal cantilever walkway nearly 27 years ago. That coating was Inspected and I - audited for performance last year by a Prokol quality inspector at year 26 and had worn .only 1 of a micron over that period, the 136T seamless fast cure asphalt walkway coating gave the client a fast whole of life zero maintenance application with an initial 20 year manufacturer warranty, today that application is as good as the day it was applied by the approved applicators and warranty extended another 20 years so 40 in total. Prokol Polymers are working with end user and asset owner to develop key high performance product solutions which remove the need for future maintenance and service, and that would regenerate existing substrates without the need of costly removal and environmental impact with contaminant waste.

New Lambeth External Works Package Valued at £3.5m External -Structural Waterproofing

Roupell Estate Lambeth

Lambeth Living had long standing issues with life expectancy and warranties with their existing waterproofing supplier, small print in the suppliers warranties meant that due to the lack of maintenance, things like costly roof replacements had no cover when failure occurred. The maintenance stipulated was to constantly clear any to roof plant growth & sitting water from blocked drains, also clearing blocked drains to ensure no water build up on the felt membrane. Choosing to close the link and work direct with a manufacturer Prokol UK were requested to attend a meeting with the client project managers to identify and demonstrate how Prokol hydrophobic membranes operate in the same conditions but without any maintenance clauses still achieving long term manufacturer warranties in excess of 50 years.

Once the in-depth technical consultation was complete with Prokol explaining how hydrophobic seamless membranes were superior, and showing the client existing projects that had been in service over 15 years without any issues or maintenance. Suitably Impressed Prokol were specified by Lambeth Living to envelope multiple buildings suffering high levels of structural decay from water ingress. This large London based housing estate required our specialist range of structural asset waterproof Pure Polymers, upgrades to all roof areas included applications both warm and cold. Also included in the package were seamless waterproofing overlay applications to existing asphalt communal walkways and private balconies.

Key Product Attributes in High Traffic Areas

Prokol specified for these communal walkway applications a Pure Polyurea 136T - Which is a Structural Waterproofing Application with - 100% Solids - 8 Second Cure - 330% Elongation - High Level of Anti Slip without Aggregate Broadcast - One Single Application - No Down Time Ready For Traffic Even During Application - Zero VOC's - No Odour - Warrington Fire Certified

Prokol 136T Ideal Coating System when Fire Exit & Escape Need to Remain Fully Active

Prokol Polymers 8 Second Cure 136T Floor Application 330% Elongation - Anti Slip No Aggregates Used - One Single Application

Prokol Had to Work with New Handrail Fixing Designs To Ensure The Structural Waterproofing Membrane Created a Continuous Tanked Finish, & Cover Both Substrate Mediums - Asphat To Metal. Prokol Specified Corrosion Inhibiting Primers That Were Appplied to the Base Sections of Metal Hadrails Where They Normally Fail and Degrade Causing Safety Issue & Costly Replacement. This Method is Four Times More Effective Than Standard Coatings Such As Paints, Powder Coating or Enamel Which Are Not Flexible, High Elongation Properties in The Prokol Membrane Were Key When Dealing with Transitional Details from Asphalt to Metal. Taking all Aspects into Consideration Thermal Movement and Load Deflections 3D Design from Prokol Were Created Supporting The New Application.

Completed Walkways

Completed Handrail Detail & Communal Walkway Hydrophobic Waterproofing Complete, Life Expectancy of This Application at 3 mm In Excess of 50 Years Minimum.

The Prokol Hydrophobic 136T 8 Second Cure Pure Polyurea Coating Has 330% Elongation, So Substrate Expansion Joints are Renewed Where Required & Then Sealed Into the Seamless Waterproofing Floor Coating - Most Other Systems Cannot Achieve This Level of Performance, They Finish at The Expansion Joint & Then Start Again On The Opposite Side Leaving Water To Ingress The Joints.

Neat Finishing Detail Creating Full Tanking Waterproof Finish

The walkway coating Prokol 136T is totally impenetrable and has high adhesion, 4 - 6 mpa (mega pascal) on concrete, highways standards is 1.2 mpa so over four times the standard. This high bond adhesion is also per mm so tracking water can run between the coating and substrate. As the membrane is also breathable any trapped moisture can release as well as it dissipating with gravity. 136T will also strengthen concrete by 50% and brickwork by 75% via containment.

Environmental Health & Other Key Benefits of the 136T Pure Polyurea Floor Coating - Cleaning & Maintaining

The 136T coating is fully hydrophobic and chemically resistant to acids from food, animal or human soiling. These stains will just dry on the surface leaving no odour. These chemical resistant properties play a key part in the products' attributes in hard wearing areas. If required the coating can be steam cleaned up to 180 degrees, but usually just soap and water will suffice. If necessary a further Prokol sealer can be applied over the waterproofing coating to aid in clean-ability where heavy abuse or heavy soiling is present. Prokol also offer small cordless scrubber cleaning equipment that comprises of two tanks, one clean water tank and the other to remove dirty water from the surface. Usually mopping surfaces see dirty water moved around and in non air drying temperatures autumn & winter mopping leave wet substrates, causing problems. Our automated system is aqua vacuum based and removes nearly all the excess dirty water from the coating. The Prokol structural waterproofing system is breathable & fully hydrophobic application. It is designed to halt the degradation and high cost of structural repair and redecoration. The existing open concrete or asphalt ssee's applications of strong cleaning chemicals to maintain cleanleness and environmetal health, but these high dosage's of cleaning materials will accelerate the structural degradation leading to more maintenance and more repair costs repetitively. Our automated cleaning system is supported by full certified training by the manufacturer to the estate cleaning services as part of a Prokol turn key solution.

Other Important Key Benefits of The 8 Second Cure Polymer - Stair Wells & Fire Escape Points Can Be Kept In Constant Use In Case of Emergency. Prokol Pure Polymers has Zero VOC's No Odour Water Approval BS6920

Old granolithic staircase with no structural waterproofing will be subject to future high cost structural repair, protection is paramount to keeping asset costs down. Here the approved Prokol applicators have already diamond ground the substrate and coated the leading edge under the handrail ready for the main 8 second cure coating to seal the concrete stairs.

Uncoated Granolithic Stairs Open To Weather

Coated & Sealed Staircase Concrete with Prokol 136T Pure Polyurea

Human Soiling and Foul Smells Cannot Penetrate The Prokol Coating, It is Chemically Resiatant To Most Hard Acids, If Un - Protected The Foul Smells in The Substrate Will Only to Be Rejuvenated By Repetitive Cleaning.

Once complete the approved applicator will notify a Prokol quality inspector to survey all coated areas to sign off for 20 year minimum manufacturer warranty.

Neat Tanking Around Lift Access Areas

Prokol Inspector looks for Neat Crisp Clean Finish to Edges & Coating Consitency

As The Anti - Slip Finish Is Part of One Single Abrasive Resistant Application (NO AGGREGATES ARE USED TO ACHIEVE ANTI - SLIP) Different Levels of Finish Can be Agreed by The Client & Estate Services for Ease Of Clean-ability. If Higher Levels of Anti Slip are Required A Further Clear or Coloured Prokol Seal Can Be Added at Low Cost to Infill the Profile Troughs of The Anti Slip Finish.

The Approved Applicators Are Skilled Specialist

Warm Roof Upgrades

Pre Condition Roof Surveys Were Carried Out to All Estate Blocks

Following a full assessment & pre - condition report of all the roof areas on this estate, it was found only three out of eight required a full strip back to the original substrate due to high moisture levels. Water ingress and damage was severe internally to all top level living spaces on the wet roofs, the other roof areas were able to be cost effectively warm roof overlaid. From the core sample results the thermal upgrades levels where calculated in conjunction with full condensation risk analysis.

Pre Condition Survey Visually Recorded from Start to Finish

Warm Roof Specification Submission

Visual 2D & 3D Roof Build Up Detail from Prokol Technical Are Bespoke to Each Asset

A full specification was prepared along with complete detail and build up drawing package. This Allows both the Client and approved Prokol Applicator full scope of project delivery meeting all expectations.

With the Specification Agreed by the Client Roof Works Commence

The Highest Performance Roof System Available and Here is Why

See Our Hydrophobic Roofing Membrane Landscape Document - https://spark.adobe.com/page/AUnqOC6jreaUl/

Hydrophobicity Explained

Hydrophobic Roof Waterproofing Image


Prokol Pure Polyurea 260 FR Seamless Hydrophobic Membrane 1500% Elongation for Full Thermal Expansion & Contraction

(Also Request & Read Prokol Polymers Roof Landscape Document)

All buildings move constantly and so should its construction products, this movement measured by elongation or e-moduluselongation required to allow for expansion and contraction with heat and freeze thaw environmental cycles. The higher the elongation in the building product the longer chance it will protect the asset for the life of the building, giving a zero maintenance & whole of life application result. well into the future needs to be aspecified correctly and understood especially at transition around lateral to vertical joint transition. The constantly changing environmental demands placed on products needs careful evaluation by the specifier, Prokol technical advisors proficient in both building & construction engineering match Prokol products to the application with precision. Prokol technical advisors insist on explaining & educating the asset owner or specifier on key points to insure they understand how important the application plays a part in future their building. Thermal expansion & contraction along with thermal shock being paramount in these explanations.

When installing a new warm roof application or overlay system moisture vapours or out gassing especially from isulation with will still be trapped in the roof area, not allowing for free relaese can place thses gases back into the building which is not healthy for the occupants. Prokol Polymers specify a primary waterproofing self vented carrier membrane, this carrier membrane is high bond self adhered and does not require any hot works application. The diamond pattern of the Prokol carrier sheet shown in the image below exhibits channels that allow any trapped moisture to transfer across the entire roof area and breathe out through the membrane upstand. This specified vented carrier membrane also acts as a primary roof waterproofing system, along with the seamless Prokol membrane it is like having two systems two lines of defence, double the protection. Also as the membrane is not directly fully bitumen bonded to the insulation and not result like standard felt systems pop up in blister in one area placing stress on

Prokol Vapour Diffusing Waterproof Carrier Membrane This Self Adhesive Carrier Sheet Requires No Hot Works. Self Adhesive Pods Create a Firm Bond

Main Insulation & Carrier Sheet Application - GRP Edge Trim Approved By Local Planning

Unlike a lot of traditional water resistant applications like felts and polyurethane liquids, warranties are usually void if the roof drains are not cleared causing sitting water, or foliage & plant growth is not removed.

With the Prokol Hydrophobic membrane its designed to sit underwater for life without degrading, plant growth cannot penetrate the chemically resistant membrane due to its high non penetrative tensile strength, these everyday issues will not effect the Prokol manufacturer warranties as its designed with zero maintenance in mind.

The Prokol System Offers Two Lines Of Waterproofing Defence Not Just One, Firstly The Self Adhesive Felt Sacrificial Waterproofing Layer & Then The High Performance 3 mm Fully Hydrophobic Pure Polyurea Membrane.

Seamless Encapsulation Stage Using Prokol 260FR Pure Polyurea Hydrophobic Membrane System 

Fast Application of spray applied seamless membrane 250 m2 per day, all penetrations & protrusions are seamlessly encapsulated sealing the entire roof in one application, no joints means no risk of water ingress.Fully Sealed Protrusion Sealed into The Seamless Membrane, If this Needed To Be Replaced a Simple Seamless Repair will Keep the Membrane Watertight and in Warranty.

Approved Applicators Spraying

Prokol Quality Control Inspectors Throughout Every Project

Prokol Polymers Technical Inspectors Are Alerted To Each Project As They Begin, You Will See The A Prokol Quality Inspector At The Start - Middle & On Completion Of Each Projects To Ensure Quality Finish and Sign off For Prokol combined minimum 50 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Prokol Polymers Technical & Quality Inspector Onsite Start Middle and Completion of all Projects

ELD Testing or Electronic Leak Detector Test In Progress Ensuring Seamless Waterproofing Integrity

As a Polymer Based Material & Independently Tested as an Insulator for Network Rail the Prokol Pure Polymers will Insulate Against A Load of 40000 Volts, So Passing a Low Level Current as Part of Leak Detection Process is Simple, Taking an Earth Point from The Main Roof this Small Low Current will Pass Under The Coating and If Breach is Found a Small Spark Will Highlight the Breach and a Seamless Instant Repair Can be Carried Out. It Must Be Pointed Out Prokol Rarely Have to Use This Apparatus or Methodology in Fault Finding, But More So to Show The Integrity of The Membrane for Manufacturer Warranty Sign off & Client Expectation.

Prokol Polymers Is An ISO Registered Company


Warm Roof Upgrades Complete, The Operating Temperatures of the Prokol Pure Polyurea is plus 200 degrees and minus 50 degrees, this means unlike other products the hydrophobic membrane is unaffected by UV - Hot and Cold fluctuation/ Thermal Movement and will never soften under foot or heavy traffic causing the membrane to fail, the Prokol 136T & 260FR Pure Polyurea's are fully fit for purpose and by design our polymer engineering will out live the life of the asset it is applied to.

Macro Close Up Image Below of The Anti Slip Roof Membrane - High Traffic - High Impact & Fully Chemically Resistant Even With Acid Rain

Prokol 260 FR Hydrophobic Seamless Membrane - 1500% Elongation 20 Second Cure

An Entire Housing Estate External Building Fabric Fully Tanked & Waterproof for the Next 50 Years and Beyond - Applications To Warm Roof - Structural Walkways & Stair Cases Including Entrance Canopy Roofs & Bin Stores.

Stair Coating
Prokol Hydrophobic Seamless Roof Systems - Whole of Life Zero Miantenance

High Performance Structural Waterproofing and Fire Protection in One Product


Prokol Polymers based in Holland Manufacture High Performance Structural Protective Coatings, with Whole of Life & Zero Maintenance in Mind. After All as Prokol CEO's Claim " Its not cost efficient from a financial point of view to repair a failing product with the same product thats failing" This Mentality derives from the fact the Dutch have existed below the water table for hundreds of thousands of years, with the highest point only one metre above sea level. With global warming and rising water levels Holland cannot have temporary solutions and short life expectancy from products used to fight these key elements of nature. Our success in the global market spans a forty year period and now twenty seven years in the UK alone, with strong process's of quality control, brand awareness and client satisfaction Prokol boast a 40 year zero product failure reputation. Our products raw materials are sourced from highly recognised & very reputable suppliers as quality equals high performance in products and delivery.

If Its Specified Correctly With The Right Products You Will Only Do It Once

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