Timor Leste A developing country

  • One of East Asia's poorest countries
  • Population: 1.18 million
  • GDP: 1.27 billion
  • GDP per capita: 1,105.35 USD
  • Major Global Exports: Oil, Coffee, Sandalwood and Marble

Educational Development

  • Timor Leste Literacy Rate: 58.3%
  • Singapore Literacy Rate: 95.9%

War has destroyed 95% of schools in Timor Leste. Timor Leste's comparatively low literacy rate may have affected its economic growth because the illiterate population cannot access more high paying jobs such as accountants or lawyers. This is reflected by Timor Leste being mostly in the primary sector of jobs.

Good geographical location because of its large coastlines, which allows for easier international trade. Explains its successful trade. However, countries near it such as Indonesia do not import that many products from Timor Leste.

Graph of GNI against GDP


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