Implementing Fall Preventions Brooke Earnest

Healthy People 2020 Topic: Injury and Violence Prevention

Goal: To maintain the number of deaths caused by accidental falls per year

Objective: To reduce the risk of falls by removing obstacles in the home and using diffuse lighting.

What is diffuse lighting?

The use of multiple small, soft, low intensity lights instead of one bright source.

Assessment: My client is a 76 year-old male who has been experiencing vision difficulties. He often gets up in the night and is unable to adjust his eyes in the dark. The objective of this tool is to teach him interventions to reduce his risk of falls in the night.

Some barriers to reducing fall risk might be vision difficulties, unsteady gait, unsafe environment, or lack of support by others

How to overcome these barriers:

  • Vision Difficulties: Use diffuse lighting to reduce glare and ease difficulties
  • Unsteady Gait: Install grab rails in areas of difficulty (steps, bathroom, etc.)
  • Unsafe environment: Remove rugs and cords along with moving furniture to perimeter of the room
  • Lack of Support: Use resources in the community

Motivators: reducing risk of injury and time spent in the hospital, increased feeling of safety at home, overall saving money by not getting injured, providing a better quality of life for oneself

Action Steps: Interventions for reducing a fall risk include... removing rugs and loose cords to decrease the risk of tripping, moving furniture to the perimeter of the room to avoid walking into it, placing diffuse lighting throughout the home to make it easier to see especially at night (night lights too)
The National Council on Aging provides many services to teach older clients about the prevention of falls. More information can be found at:
Another option is to have home nursing where a nurse can help with medication management and can provide routine checks. To find which type of home nurse works best, visit Care Pathways online at
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