Seeking the good life at the Florida Musuem of natural history Nicholas Gonzalez

Pictured above is myself becoming immersed with in the marine wildlife exhibit at the museum

Nature on display

As I walked through the Florida Museum of Natural History, became intrigued by all the beautiful displays and exhibits there were for me to explore. The one exhibit that stood at the most to me was walking through the marine wildlife display. I found the design of this exhibit so appealing because you turned into the room and the room was the whole exhibit. What made this exhibit even more immersive was the fact that all the displays were scaled so large that you felt as though you were shrunken down and seeing the world from one of the organisms on display's perspective. The dark blue lighting further immersed myself within the exhibit which further captured my attention. From the exhibit I learned how all these different organisms, such as the fish and even the shrimp, form a perfectly balanced ecosystem together. I had never seen all these aspects of the ocean ecosystem all together in one place which created a beautiful overall picture of how wildlife works together. This complete image and "completing of the puzzle" for me was what I enjoyed so much about the exhibits within the museum.

My friend Kindle and I enjoying the butterfly garden exhibit (Written permission was received from those pictured above)

NAture and ethics

Leopold calls on us to "love, respect, and admire the land" and the Florida Museum of Natural History gives an opportunity to do just that. Upon stepping into the museum, I was blown away by the exhibits and life sized models of different organisms. I felt a great sense of joy and adventure, excited to learn more throughout the exhibits, the same excitement I felt as when I was a child on a field trip. As I walked throughout the museum I felt a great sense of appreciation and gratitude as I learned about all the history of the various organisms and even about the native peoples of Florida. I thought of how fascinating it would be to be in their shoes hundreds of years ago, trying to imagine myself in their place. My fellow classmates, Kindle and Paul, who I went with, also felt the same but were extremely fascinated with the exhibits dealing with prehistoric and extinct organisms. The museum allows visitors to become completely enveloped by the scaled to size exhibits and makes you feel as though you are within the nature yourself. One of the main ways the museum creates a connection with visitors and nature is through the magnificent butterfly garden that is located there. This allowed direct interaction between guests and the wildlife within the garden. I personally felt an ethical responsibility to nature after visiting the museum because it showed me just how beautiful but delicate nature really is.

My friend Kindle and I enjoying learning about the native tribes of Florida (Written consent was received)

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Florida Museum of Natural History helps us to step out of our ordinary lives by putting us into a natural setting that many of us do not experience in our day to day lives. We become so caught up in all that is around us such as school and work, that we do not take the time to appreciate what nature provides for us. This experience we have at the museum can help us find what we are passionate about and what parts of nature we enjoy and how they can help us achieve our "good life". The museum also helps us to better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by immersing us in situations and experiences that we cannot experience on our own in today's society. All in all, I felt like I took away a lot from this visit and have learned what I appreciate about nature and how I can gain similar experiences to it in order to build my "good life".

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