Boomi World 2018 Vision and Roadmap Takeaways for Higher Education

November 2018 - Las Vegas, Nevada - Boomi World - Day 2. Steve Wood, Dell Boomi CPO presents some of the features and roadmap items that are (and some that may or may not be) coming to the platform in the near future. This was one of the highlights of the conference for me.

They say the number one rule about doing live demos is "don't do live demos"; well Steve Wood did an extended live demo here and it went REALLY well. We got to see a lot of early screens of upcoming features, and some really early features that are only at concept stage (and come with a bit of a disclaimer about whether they will actually happen).

In the opening keynote for the conference, Chris McNabb (Dell Boomi CEO) talked about their vision for iPaaS 2.0, where the enormous amounts of metadata they have collected about real world integration solutions is put to use to drive AI enabled features that promise to greatly speed development of integration solutions by providing suggestions, common templates and recipes, and smarter DevOps capabilities.

Below are some photos from the conference room showing the live screens, along with my notes on each part of the presentation. These are the parts that piqued my interest the most.

Full Lifecycle API Management

In Q1 2019, Dell Boomi will release two new modules for their API management platform - API Gateway, and Developer Portal.

The API Gateway module allows the platform to proxy 3rd party APIs. It allows us to control the access methods to those APIs and to expose them in our central developer portal.

The Developer Portal allows developers wishing to use APIs we have developed or proxied to browse, select, request access to, and review/renew their current access. The module also comes with an approval and review administration tool for Boomi administrators to manage access to APIs in a more streamlined manner.

Adding a Project Perspective

The platform is opening up to a wider range of users, with different views for different roles. This demo showed what a product owner role might see as their dashboard.

This had the feel of the platform taking on more of a broader overall product development role with some level of overlap with tools like Jira. The user was able to create a new project, with multiple integrations, and allocate each integration to a different developer to work on.

Progress, activity, updates etc are displayed on the right in a notifications style area.

Project Centric - Templates and Recipes

Still acting in the Product Owner role, Steve used the platform to create a project, and proceeded to select the type of project he required and a starting point style of project that would help build out the basic templates required.

The data behind this is from the approx. 30TB of metadata they have stored about how the platform is used by their customers. More and more of this will be AI driven in the near future.

A Cleaner Canvas

The new UX impressed everyone, with process models starting at a much higher level, showing more of how integrations fit together.

Task status is even tracked on the project canvas, so non-developer roles can keep track of where things are up to, and developers have reminders of what is left to complete.

Back when Boomi first launched, they showed how this Salesforce to SAP integration (normally a 3+ hour job) could be done in 30 minutes using this platform. This year, they showed how it can be done in 3 minutes with the new features they are working on.

More up-to-date UI

Shape configuration controls pop up inline with the shape in a much more contemporary fashion - suggestions of what to configure and what to do next are AI driven.

When should that job be scheduled?

When deploying or promoting a new scheduled integration process, the platform provides a view of your real world busy and quiet integration times to give advice on when is a good time to schedule your new process to run. You can go with the recommendation or customize as needed

Improvements to deployment workflow

This year, the new deployment workflow has greatly improved how we deploy and promote integrations in Boomi (which was already far superior to webMethods), but next year may bring even further improvements.

The addition of the concept of explicitly promoting your solution through environments will further streamline our processes and reduce our admin overhead.

Other users have different dashboards, and will see a different notification stream. Ravi, as a Developer, sees more technical information than Alex as a Product Owner will see.

The video below is the Chris McNabb interview - skip to 6:00 where he is talking about their plans for AI driven integration capabilities... this also happens to be the part where two blokes from Australia casually walk into the background and do the video equivalent of a photo-bomb. Enjoy.

It wasn't all conference though. Vegas has plenty else to offer, even for someone who isn't interested in losing all their money playing some boring game in a dark and smokey room.

The Vegas Strip - It seems I have spliced a few cars with the pano feature on my phone camera, but you get the idea. Our hotel and conference location is to the far left - the curved bronze coloured towers.
The mountain at Wynn

Not only was it not all conference, it wasn't all Vegas either...

#notmyboat - World's first electric mass transit ferry
Because if you need a 24 hour window for anything, it's donuts.
Man who stands in middle of road gets hit by cars coming both ways.
Veteran's Day parade
Noisy Sea Lions
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