Domain Eukarya Classification and Taxonomy

Kingdom Animalia

All animals are heterotrophs

Some animals are more sensible than others.

They are all multicellular!

Most animals are motile!

Rarely, animals can be asexual, but most likely, they're sexual

Animals have no cell walls!

Some animals are now extinct!

Other animals are just beginning to become apart of the ecosystems

Some animals can even become knowledgeable!

Some animals are prey to others!

And some are just way too cute!

Domain Plantae

Plant cells have a nucleus!

Plants are nonmotile!

Plants have no nervous system!

Plants move toward the sun!

Plants make their own food!

Plants reproduce through spores and sex cells!

Plants are divided into Nonvascular and Vascular systems!

The plantae kingdom is the second largest family of organisms!

Plants dominate the Earth's surface!

The classifications of plants are based on vascular tissue and reproductive tissues!

Fungi Kingdom

The fungi kingdom relates more to the animal kingdom than the plant kingdom!

Fungi get their food from decomposing matter!

Fungi doesn't have chlorophyll like plants!

Fungi reproduce almost solely on spores!

Most fungi are non-motile!

It is estimated that there are at least 1.5 million different species of fungi!

Fungi are used to make cheese!

Some fungi are poisonous!

Some fungi, like yeast, are used for common things like making certain foods!

Penicillin is made by fungi!

Protista Kingdom

Protists are mostly unicellular!

Most protists live in damp areas!

Some protists are motile!

Protists can me heterotrophic or autotrophic!

Protists reproduce by mitosis!

Some protists are pathogens!

Protists are a major component of plankton!

Movement is often by flagella or cilia!

Some reproduce sexually and others asexually!

Flagellates are filter feeders!


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