The Last Years of the Republic By Adeline

Anson Jones was a president candidate in 1844, and was also a doctor, veteran, and had served in Congress as secretary

In this time Houston and Burleson were at odds. Houston voted for Jones, and as a result, Burleson received support of Houston's apponents

Anson Jones easily won the election, and Kenneth Anderson was elected as Vice President

From the begginging, Texas had been in dept, but by the time Jones became president, the Republic's Treasurey was empty

A partial failure of Texas cotton crop in 1842 and 1843 prevented the economy from dept

As president, Jones limited government spending as much as possible, and continued to work at peace with Texas Indians. By 1845, the value of most of Texas currency became equal to that of the U.S. currency

Jones and Houston worked together when Jones became president to get annexated with a larger country

Over time, more and more Texans voted for annexation

Texans were hesitant to include the possibility of annexation with Mexico because of past experiences, and because of a discriminating newspaper

Thought the coming months, Texas debated weather their country should seek anexation, or stay independent


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