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Best technical players of open age

7. Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson is the personified revelation of the south african tennis. He is considered one of the most technical players in the current age. His serve is one of the best serves of the entire roster of the ATP. He trains and work hard day by day in Miami, where he lives, for perform his technique. He is nowadays the 73 player in the global ATP ranking even though months ago he reached the tenth position on that same rank.

6. Thomas Berdych

Everyone knows Thomas Berdych. Even the people who do not like tennis at all. This men reached the fourth position in the ATP global rank and his technique is the most important fact in the road to that rank. Daniel Vallerdu, his current trainer, explode the technique of this player boosting the fact that he is the tallest player on the ATP top ten rank. Very soon he will reach the level to win a grand slam. His style to play on the net and his drives are the tips for his success.

5. Kei Nishikori

Everyone knows about the japanese tradition of perfection and his mentality of improving all to the maximum level. Kei Nishikori is one of the best technique players. His domain over his right hand and his way of playing make of him a great tennis player. His father is at the same time his trainer and under the supervision of other professionals which boost his capacities only with the mentality of practicing and playing all the time this young player will soon reach the level of the best ones.

4. Andy Murray

Mr. Murray, an alive legend of our current tennis age. He soon had become the best tennis player and now he is in the first position of the ranking in the ATP. His classic way of play based on the strikes from the outside of the court and his resistance make of it a great tennis player compare to the other big figures of tennis (Nadal, Federer and Djockovic). This english player trains with the legend Jamie Delgado and he will keep the number one position in the ranking of the ATP a season, no doubt about it

3. Roger Federer

Roger Federer is one of the best at what he do. He is considered a legend at his old age and he is still giving his best level as we see in the Australian open. Federer is his own trainer and due to his age he suffered many injuries in his legs but he never gave up. He continue on his road and improving his technique, so similar to the one used by Andy Murray but improved, as he is the origin of that technique.

2. Jo wilfried Tsonga

Tsonga is a french player, he is loved by the people in Paris and he is one of the most charismatic players of french history. He reached years ago the fifth position on the global ATP rank at the time of Robin Soderling (Another Sweden player). He has a great technique in the serve and in his drive from the top of the court. His drives are like a weapon, dangerous and with style. As a french player should be.


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