What Shaped Me Maddie rose

The test results say that I am a type 9 which is a peacemaker but taking wings into account it says I seem to be 5w6 or 6w5.
Characteristics about personality: People of peacemaker feel the need for peace and harmony. They attend to avoid conflict at all coasts. Most 9s are easy going and they tend to follow the strategy of "going with the flow".


Softball has shaped me by learning how to be a teammate and a great friend. Softball has taught me to work together instead of focusing on me all the time.
A few examples of when softball played a roll in my life is making new friends and being able to come together. Having the skill to be able to work together in a group or just one other person is very important. Being apart of a team has made me able to have to the skills to be a teammate and a good friend.
Softball has made me the person I am today by being a team player and going through everything together. Without softball I probably wouldn't have the skills of being a good friend and team player I do today.


Family has shaped me because we are always there for each other. Growing up with my sister and cousins we were together a lot. A specific example was when my great grandma passed away. We were young at the time but we were still there for each other when it was a rough time.
Family has played a roll in my life by teaching me to be there for one another. Family is always going to be there and you need to stick together through the thick and the thin.
Family has made me the person I am today by learning to stick together. Without family I don't know where I would be. My cousins are my forever friends

Peer Groups

My friends have shaped me because they are the ones who will have your back. My friends have tagught me to be loyal and caring. Without my friends I wouldn't be the same because they have had such a big impact in my life.
I have made friends through school and sports. My friends have played a roll in my life by helping me make a descision or being able to go to school events together and have fun.
A time where my friends have made and impact on my life is when they've helped me through hard times. When I'm stressed about school or something else they're always there to talk me through it and make me less stressed.


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