CHRYSLUS CORVEGA a car company

Chryslus corvega was a car company that never went into production. The car concepts from this company were all nuclear powered and by now you already know the problem. In 1960-1970 they looked like the cars from the time but they were even more modern than today's cars.

As you can see they would have been really cool its a shame they were never put into production. There is a game company known as Bethesda softworks who uses these cars in their games Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, the games are about a nuclear apocalypse and my guess is that they probably suited the games.

The cars company made lot of different types of vehicles like cars, pick-up trucks, motorcycles, SUV's, semi-trucks, buses and at one point they thought they would be able to make fusion powered jet planes and helicopters. And the most amazing thing is these were going to be nuclear powered.

The way these vehicles got fuel was strange, the company imagined putting a little object that looked like a battery but it was a fusion cell. Fusion cells looked like a double-A sized battery but instead of it being full of electricity they were full of fusion. Fusion power is energy generated by using nuclear fusion

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