Harn Tour chris jimenez

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist : The sculpture-like artwork at the fore front of the museum were sort of life like in size and had a distinct color scheme that gave it that abstract feel as you entered that area of the museum. The technique seemed to be ancient like so it showed the age look that went along with the art surrounding it.

Design of the Museum : The African area of the museum had an ancient feel of art that seemed thousands of years old and showed the culture of that time. The wing showed pieces of art you may have not seen before in any regular museum, one that showed European or other popular art of the past.

Art and Core Values : One piece of art I saw appealing was the "Bicycles" artwork that showed a city square full of people riding bicycles along the painting. It showed the social aspect of life that many people have a common interest and have a friendship through their interests. The artwork shows the pace of life of the people moving across the screen.

Art and the Good Life : Another piece "Japan Series: Kyoto" show a family walking together on a bridge. This piece conveys the good life in the need for family and relationships in order to produce a "good life" .

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