Baboons ( Papio ) Ashley Miller *Odo*

Baboons range in their size and weight depending on their species. They live in the Savannas and woodlands. They require water sources and safe places to sleep at. They like to either sleep in tall trees or cliff faces.

Baboons can live up to 20 to 30 years and 50 to 100 lbs. Their size normally ranges 14 to 30 inches in the shoulder size.

The human impact on Baboons is that we are killing them because we do not give them enough food. It's also the nature's impact on the world because the Baboons are raiding homes and gardens and such else but there's just not enough food.

I think we could reduce the amount of harmful risks of dead baboons by laying out the extra food we don't eat. Don't litter everything but at least give them the scraps so they can still survive. It would help the baboons out and it would also help our environment out because we are not wasting near as much food and such either.


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