How America Started in the dates

Sir Raleigh payed for colonists to cross the Atlantic ocean and they landed in Virginia in a city called Roanoke. A group of people went back and the came back and the colony was gone. Writing on trees and wood were seen when they disappeared. The trees had words like Croaton and CRO. This was one event that helped America get started because it was the first attempt for to explore the new land and that leads to more settlement.

This is a picture of the lost colony.

In 1607 a group of colonists led by John White sailed across the ocean and landed at Jamestown. It was a struggle to build the fort but john white was very strict and he managed. Everyone was hungry but most still survived. This helped America start because it was another settlement that eventually led to America starting and it was the first successful settlement.

This is a picture of the landscape of Jamestown.

In 1754 began the war with France. France worked with Indians. Indians knew all the landscape so they were hard to beat. They had battles in places like Montreal and Quebec. This helped America get started because this was one of the first wars with France which eventually led to America getting started.

This is Indians and England fighting.

In 1776 the Declaration of Independence. It was signed by people like John Hancock, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. This was the start of America and they were finally free from England an they were independent. This helped America get started because they were finally free from England and were independent.

This is a picture of the declaration.

In 1789 they elected Washington to be president because he had been serving in the Revolutionary War. He was in between the federalists and anti-federalists. Finally at the second election they elected John Adams. This helped america get started because they elected the country leader which he helped and controlled America and that was a start to America get started.

This is a video about George Washington.


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