racist eggs by: unkown / year: uknown artistic responce to Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

Quotation Relation From Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry By: Mildred Taylor

¨you plan on gettin this land you plan gettin it the wrong way"

Explanation Of Connection

Racist Eggs relates to roll of thunder because the white eggs, as in white people, are mad at the brown egg, as in the Logan family. The white eggs look like they are threatening or intimidating the brown egg, but it doesn't look intimidated at all it looks serious.

Equally, the brown egg is not intimidated just like Papa is about Vicksburg. "You still set on Vicksburg?" "I told you I was."

The brown egg resembles mama too she gets fired from her job and she is okay about it. Also she doesent want revenge on Mr. Granger or the Wallaces; she just ignores them.

Works Cited

Taylor, Mildred D. Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry, New York: Puffin Publishing, 1976 Print


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