Public transportation: the Good, the Bad, and the Awesome by jake fremault, modern genius

  • Used all over the country (and world) by many types of people
  • Consistent
  • Relatively reliable
  • Negative stereotypes:
  • Unsafe, crime, dirty
  • When it's bad it's really bad


  • Helps people in cities, saves money
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Always improving
  • Way safer than driving
  • Drastically helps the environment
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How is pUblIc transportation evolving?

  • Increasing availability to suburbs in most states
  • Increasing distance trains can go
  • Decreasing times, especially in Japan (home of the fastest train worldwide, the maglev. Covers 178 miles in 95 minutes and has reached over 370 mph! [average for planes: 550 mph])

Relation to Human Geography

Public transportation is a core part of urbanization. Imagine in Chicago how many people take the train or the bus. Now imagine if every person had to either drive or walk to work every day, and how much money they'd have to spend to get those cars.

L-train, Chicago

Public transportation also fits into Development and Services and Settlements. More and better public transport = more development. Public transportation is a rapidly rising service.

United Kingdom

FRQ: brings people together, makes more jobs available in cities, people save money, way way way less pollution, constantly promoted and funded by the government.

TL;DR: public transportation is wonderful and we always need more. Saves our world, your time, and your money. It's improving all the time. It's failing many of its people in developing countries, though :c

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