1) Photography Rules Picture Taking and creating a blog

Sunset on the river. 2016. Good rule of thirds photo. When picture taking try to remember the rule of focusing on thirds, not centering the photo subject. Turn on the grid lines on your photo taking device if possible, which I did on my phone already. I love taking photos and have heard this above tip from my sister before, who has taken classes, but I still forget at times when I am taking pictures. My sister even took a friend’s wedding photos for them. I recently, along with in the last year, took some cool photos and just saved bunches of them to the computer. Some were from our honeymoon, some were from visiting the Rapids zoo and Grotto Gardens. I realized that some of them fit our directions for the class, but also plan to take some new ones with my grid lines now turned on. The blog I am not so thrilled to learn about because I don’t enjoy writing so much, but maybe this will help change that opinion. I did really enjoy taking some more professional looking photos after learning the new rules. Love the viewpoint as I looked up more looking for different shots.
Sunset on river with flag. Also using rule of thirds.
Flag in sunset. Kind of used rule of thirds.
Alvin, an outside fur buddy and the only pumpkin from our own garden. I like the rule of thumb here along with a bit of leading lines.
Great looking up towards the beautiful blue sky. Different perspective.
Another looking up, a different perspective.
Leading lines have the road following into the tree line.
Leading lines showing the path to the trees.
Uncluttered blue sky with a friend's last name.
Saint James Cemetery.
Saint James Cemetery.
Love this cool angled shot, a different perspective.
Framing this cuties face out at the Marshfield Festival.
Award-winning cute bunny, framing his face in the cage bars.
Love how these beautiful fall trees are framed gently by the trees that are closer to me.
Beautiful close up of a morning glory that our neighbors gave us. Our 'kitty TV' squirrels ate most of them.
Alvin, caught sleeping next to me as I was doing homework, tongue out.
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