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Let's start at the very beginning...

At its core, RMS Mix is a top tier recording of the entire Sound Of Music score. Every song, scene change, interlude, reprise, play-out, etc. Everything found in the licensed books - all impeccably performed by a full orchestra of professional musicians and carefully captured by the best studio equipment.

How do you solve a problem like...

RMS Mix goes well beyond typical backing tracks by offering unique features you won't find anywhere else:

  • Individual mix control of instrument families. Need to boost the strings? Lower the reverb on the brass? Route the percussion to separate speakers? No problem!
  • Intelligent vamping. If the score calls for a repeated section of music to cover stage action, other systems give you a fixed number. "Finish that dialogue in 4 vamps no matter what!" With RMS Mix, take as little or as much time as you need, based on the live moment. Then exit when you're ready.
  • Score navigation by bar and rehearsal marker. "Let's take it from two bars before Maria's entrance." We're right there with you.
  • Editing. Limited access to our Sinfonia technology for transpositions, tempo adjustments, cuts and other edits.
  • And so much more!

A few of my favorite things...

With RMS Mix, you can share the show on unlimited smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Your whole cast can work with it on their iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Macs, and PCs. Endless backup and rehearsal possibilities - so everyone truly has confidence!

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Free Trial

Check it out. You've got nothing to lose.