Things Fall Apart By: Sam Aguilar

Things Fall Apart has a lot of things you could compare to in your life or in U.S past time. All the things someone could think of in U.S. history and compare to this book it would the Nazi party. Gender difference, Family, Fear, Religion, and Sin are all things that the book and actually life you could compare too.

Gender difference is a big thing in the book and in the U.S. For an example women do not get paid as much as a man would get for ghe same job. There’s alot of things you could give an example of. But its not just men being higher in jobs a women could get paided more in a job or they are better cooks then men.

This shows that men get paid more than women.
A women cleaning while the man yells.
A women can see a date different while a man can see it a complete different way.
This shows what a guy wouldhave in mind and what a girl would have in mind.

Everyone has family problems no one's family is perfect because like they say "nobody is perfect" so make the same for a family. In Things Fall Apart Okonkwo family is not perfect he does not accept some of his kids and bets his wives but later changes towards his family.

this shows how a family could breakup or solve a problem.
Having children means you have to have the right amount of money so u can take care of them so money could be a problem.
A boy and his father yelling at each other.

Religion is a big part in Things Fall Apart and in the U.S. history. The nazi party was a big part of the U.S. history because it was one of the cause of World War 2. Things Fall Apart kinda fall in the same way as the Nazi party and from there the whole world changes and the book changes. The Nazi party is worse then the one i compare in the story

Hitler's Hate
Trump's hate
These two are very similar personality wise. They do not other races like Hitler did not want Jews so he killed them and Trump wants to build a wall to keep all illegal immigrants out of the United States.
No matter what race you are you should be treated the same.
No matter what you believe in you should not be killed or punished for it.

We can say during our time now we are screwed because it's looking like the Nazi party. But this all connect to Things Fall Apart because 1. gender difference was a big thing in the book and in real life and so is Religion. Family in the book was also was a big thing but out of the three things i think this one is the biggest. Why? Well because we have families who go threw the same thing Okonkwo goes threw.

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sam Aguilar

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