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SHS boys and girls swim team competes against the Greenwood Woodmen on Jan. 14. Boys won 101.5-73.5 and girls lost 81-88 against the Woodmen.

Senior Leslie Anderson laughs while walking with her parents through the rest of the swimmers. Photo by Kelsey Jones
“It was a very happy moment knowing that I have successfully made it through four years of swimming and my parents being proud of me was just one of the best feelings in the world," senior Leslie Anderson said.
Senior Drew Shellenburger swims back to the starting block. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Senior Justin Tidd breathes while swimming backstroke. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Junior Daniel Hiller swims the butterfly section of the 200 IM. The 200 IM consists of four laps, and each lap the swimmer must swim the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Sophomore Caroline Reinke comes up out of the water while doing the breaststroke. Reinke comes in second place in the breaststroke. Photo by Kelsey Jones
“Every stroke you change different muscle groups, so when you hit the last 50 you feel dead inside, but you have to push through,” Reinke said.
Senior Richard Green takes a breath while swimming. Green comes in first place with a time of 1:54.7. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Sophomore Micah Fishel swims the 500 relay. Photo by Kelsey Jones
“I was just thinking about beating my time the whole time,” Fishel said.
Junior Sophie Mitchell swims a 500 relay coming in first place. Photo by Kelsey Jones
“Coming right off of the 100 breaststroke was a challenge, so I had to physically and mentally prepare myself to still be able to go fast so we could break the record,” Mitchell said.
Senior Megan Frank holds a sign under the water telling how many laps the swimmer has swum while cheering her on. Photo by Kelsey Jones
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