The Kyokai is a Digital Story focused about how this Kyokai (church) forged my identity to become part of who I am today. Self realization, Opportunity and religion are all realized through out this experience. The story visually focuses on a first person look of where exactly I spent most of my time venturing around this property in Surrey. Located in a vast open forest property I was forced to attend this church every Sunday from ages 12-14.

Kinnaird Place, New Westminster

my mom and I would mostly take the skytrain to the Kyokai's Surrey location rain or shine every Sunday. The amount of time it took to get to the Kyokai would estimate between 40-50 minutes. Depending on how slow translink is being, bus times and the weather. Needless to say every time we drove, I might have thanked God.

The tools I used to produce the story include Adobe Audition, Adobe Premier, a sweet Nikon camera and Adobe Spark.

Below are current and older pictures of the Kyokai. Wish it was sunny when I took them

St. Helen's Anglican Church, Surrey
St. Helen's Anglican Church, Surrey
St. Helen's Anglican Church, Surrey

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