Who I am Nick Ward

As an athlete I am strong, but not just in a physical sense. I lift weights three times a week, exercise, and even do yoga all to help me fly through the water as a Division One swimmer at Miami University. However, I am strong in so many other facets of my life. I am spiritually, mentally, and intellectually strong. I exercise my body, mind, and soul daily.

I am strong.

As I complete my first year of college I am amazed with how much I have learned and realize the enormity of learning which lies before me as a purse a degree in Engineering. In this English class, I have learned how to think critically and present my knowledge in a creative way. I have appreciated that we have been given assignments that require us to reflect on ourselves. Being an on-line class meant that personal relationships could not be established, but it also provided an avenue to be more transparent and honest. I would have liked the opportunity to meet my teacher because I enjoy interpersonal relationships, but the reflections and communication between student and teacher was met with the way this course was set up.

i am learning.

There is an old adage about being as solid as a rock. Confidence, leadership, and trustworthiness are attributes of being a solid person. Possessing many of these qualities I have come to realize that I am a "rock" to many people in my life. I am a rock for people who need a good listener, as well as those who need support. I find myself always trying to support those who need comfort.

I am a Rock.

Looking back on my writings for this class, a common thread of my own faith has been woven throughout many of the writings. From the initial reflection of" Inquiry One" through this last assignment, I have grown immensely in my spiritual life as a college student. The first paper really made me reflect on the importance of my Catholic upbringing, and how this has defined me as a student and man. This semester at Miami University I have been trying to find a balance between all the hats I wear as student, athlete, and friend and my spiritual life has given me the guidance I need to find equilibrium.

I am Spiritual.

To love and be loved are so valuable and important in one's life. I care for everyone that's in my life. I take time out of my day to help those who are struggling with anything in their daily life. Wether that's in the classroom, at the pool, in the dorm, or being with family, I am always there for anyone who needs me. I am so appreciative of this class allowing me to have time to reflect and remind myself that love trumps all.

I am love.

The combination of "Inquiry One" and" Inquiry Three" remind me of my continuous journey. The journey of my faith and my sport intertwined as a college student at Miami University. The research on the injustices of college athletics have enlightened my knowledge of some of the inequalities and injustices of college athletics. While many aspects seem so unfair, I still must continue to train to be the best representative for Miami University. Love and honor truly guide my path of life.

I am on a journey.

I am me, complex, yet so simple. I am a student, athlete, leader, brother, friend, teammate, son, and child of God. Through this reflection I have broken a part all the attributes of my life that are meaningful to me. This reflection has shown me that all aspects that make up my life are fully intertwined, and they can not be discussed independently of one another. As the journey of freshman year comes to a close, one step in my life journey has come to an end , but another one has just started!

I am me!
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