Samuel Slater By Quinn O'Dell

Samuel was born on June 9, 1768, in Belper, Derby shire England. He was the son of Bill Slater. He was apprenticed by Jedediah Strutt in the art of textile machinery.

Emigration to the US

He immigrated to the US at the age of twenty one. He established the first cotton textile mill in 1790 on the Blackstone River, Rhode Island.


Slater later built a company town named Slatersville

Slater hired entire families to work his mill.

Personal life

Slater was married to Hannah Wilkinson. She invented the two ply thread. Also she was the first american women to own a patent. Slater and Hannah had four children and four of them died in infancy.

Samuel Slater died April 21, 1835 in Webster Massachusetts

Samuel Slater died April 21, 1768 in Webster Massachusetts


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