Promoting Nuclear Energy By Nick Christner

Nuclear energy is considered a nonrenewable resource. That is because the main source of nuclear energy, uranium-235 is only found in 0.7% of uranium. That makes it difficult to acquire large amounts of it naturally.

Even though there isn't a ton of uranium, nuclear fission, a process in which atoms of uranium are split apart, releases an extremely large amount of energy. One mole of uranium - about 235 grams - produces 19.51128 * 10^12 joules of energy from nuclear fission. This makes it a popular source of electricity. Nuclear radiation can also be used for sterilization, pesticides, and certain therapedic treatments.

The great thing about nuclear energy is that it is actually one of the cleanest sources of energy. It produces no greenhouse gases or air pollutants. It requires a very small amount of space, compared to other energy sources. Its waste, while highly radioactive, can be safely isolated from the environment. The downside is that it is rather unstable. Accidents such as Chernobyl are a constant possibility. But, technology to keep nuclear power plants safe is constantly improving.

The following is the various positive effects of using nuclear energy: Cost savings, fossil fuel price capping, energy supply security, avoided fuel imports, enhanced exports, electricity price stability, capital gains, avoided greenhouse gas emissions, avoided acid gas emissions, avoided carcinogen emissions, avoided fuel extraction and transport accidents, Enhanced productivity, improved competitivity, improved terms of trade, currency appreciation, and enhanced economic growth.


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