Canbury School Newsletter 14th June 2019. issue 163

Dear Parents and Visitors

I had the most wonderful message this week from a Canbury parent whose child had been helped by not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE fellow students. I won't go into detail, but suffice to say the following students are a credit to themselves, their parents and indeed, Canbury: Margaux (Y13), Armiya (Y12), Luca (Y11), Alexander B (Y10) and Kiran (Y8) have all, at different stages this week, helped the same fellow student. I am always immensely proud when I hear such positive lovely things about our Canbury family. Keep up the good work!

Not to be outdone in the 'being helpful' stakes, Year 7 Anders was to be spotted this week spending time with Y6 student Freddie who will be joining us in September. It's one of the many things I love about Canbury - students of all ages mix freely.

Freddie and Anders - there are no age restrictions at Canbury!

Well done to our Year 11 students who have conducted themselves impeccably during this year's GCSE examinations. We look forward to seeing them back on results day, Thursday 22 August 2019, when school will open from 10am to 11am. In the meantime, sit back, put up your feet, read, chill, get some fresh air and exercise, do some cooking, go up to London and take advantage of all the free places you can visit, spend time with friends, help around home and most of all, ENJOY!

Now it's the turn of the rest of the school for their end-of-year examinations. These will take place for everyone next week. Please ensure your child comes to school well prepared, having had a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast. All will be well.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Ross, Kyrell, Adam, Carl, Zac and Anders for resilient contributions in Spanish this week.

All of Year 7 for their appreciation of “Juanita the Spanish Lobster” in Music Appreciation.

Year 8

Otti for a very creditable attempt at a foundation Mathematics paper for fun!

All of Year 8 for their concerted efforts in Science to learn the finer points about Earth and Space quickly.

Otti, Shaaiyon and Harry L - Excellent work in a Spanish listening/reading revision lesson.

Kiran and Ain - Good effort in Spanish on Thursday.

Otti (again) for her summary of both the Peterborough by-election result and the Conservative and Unionist Party leadership race candidates.

Year 9

Armani, Aansh, Max, Shiroxley, Harry B and Seb for good contributions in Spanish revision lesson today.

Max for 100% in his first Parallel quiz in Mathematics.

Harry B for working hard in English intervention, creating a comprehensive plan and an email.

Max for enthusiasm in Music Appreciation.

Evie for her catching skills in playground cricket.

Year 10

Matt W for an excellent piece of Mathematics homework, in which he achieved the equivalent of a GCSE grade 5. Very very well done Matt.

Cate for excellent, constructive Art revision.

Rosie, James B and Cate for working well in Study Skills.

Rosie for progress in iTQ.

Amy for her contributions in tutor time news discussions.

Pascal and Emily for consistent concentration and effort in Spanish GCSE practice papers this week.

Year 13

Margaux for being a total star at lunch time on Wednesday - organising the clearing of the tables and the cleaning of the hall at lunchtime in the absence of Mr Adams.

School's out for Year 11!

Wow! They've done it. Year 11 students did their last GCSE this morning. Exams officer Mrs Branney started the Physics examination at 9am and by mid morning our Canbury students were fleeing the building! So it's perhaps fitting that we share these Physics lesson photographs with you. Left to right photographs one, two and three are from a heat transfer experiment, and photograph four shows Eugenia and Jasmina hard at work on a spring extension experiment.

Rain fails to dampen the spirits..............

Despite the weather the Canbury Sports Programme still managed to go ahead in some form or other. Whilst on Tuesday we cancelled tennis at Wimbledon Park, KS3 competed both individually and as a team in the inter house skipping competition.

Anders, Shaaiyon, Rhian, Lucas and Ellie scored points in the 'Continuous Skipping 30 Seconds' whilst Shiroxley was the only student to continue to the 60 second mark.

In 'Last One Standing' Shaaiyon was 6th, Ross 5th, Oskar 4th, Ellie 3rd, Lucas 2nd and Shiroxley 1st.

Ms Clancy spied Year 8 honing their cricket skills in the playground.

In 'Keep the Pot Boiling' Noble scored 7 & 27, whilst Campbell managed 7 & 13.

In the end the overall points were terribly close; Johnson 3rd with 27, Campbell 2nd with 60 and Noble 1st with 61.

Shiroxley (who can complete about 20 double unders) was 'Outstanding Athlete' this year.

The tennis match v TCC had to be cancelled this Thursday due the weather forecast - however all KS3 went to the leisure centre to play short tennis.

Next week KS3 will be at Malden Wanderers on Tuesday for cricket, KS4/5 will be there on Wednesday and so will the KS3 Thursday students - but Year 9 cricketers will be at Chessington Cricket Club for the SSSSA Tournament.

Mr Orchard is still waiting to hear whether Oscar will be racing in the London Parathletics on Wednesday. We await that news with great excitement.

We had to share this photo with you - proof that Mrs Allen just can't help thinking about Mathematics even when she's not in the classroom! She designed and made this beautiful tapestry-work cushion over six months. It arrived at school yesterday. Now that's what we call beautiful Mathematics!

Amazing creations in the Art Department

The Year 8 and 9 graphics students have been busy creating stencils and using these to produce some amazing repeated patterns. Here are just a selection of their fantastic results. Well done to all, with a special shout out to Lucas in Year 8 for his fantastic turtle design which is currently decorating Ms Clancy's office and the top of this newsletter, and which Mrs Smith has declared she would love a reversible dress made out of. Get to it Lucas!

Fabulous stencil work by Years 8 and 9 graphics students.

House News

With just three weeks to go until the end of this school year, there's no rest when it comes to the battle of the Houses! Noble, Johnson and Campbell will all be vying for top dog position. Who will be the ultimate victors and who will be the not so triumphant?! There's still time to help your House. On Tuesday come along to the Geography room for the grand spaghetti and marshmallow challenge. Sounds intriguing? You bet! The following week from 24th to 28th June we will be playing Colour Wars. Teachers will be armed with red, yellow and blue cards. Do something good in class, be kind to a student, pick up litter without being asked, or hold the door open for someone, and you could bag a card for your House. Cards will be dropped into boxes for each House and at the end of the week there will be a grand reckoning up. Which House will have the most points? Finally on 3rd July, right in the middle of the last week, there will be a staff House event. We're not unveiling plans yet, but watch this space. There's all to play for and nothing to lose. Which House will win?

Canbury alumnus Joe goes the extra mile

Good luck to former Canbury student Joe Barry who is walking three loops of Richmond Park this weekend in aid of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. If you can spare a little change to support Joe in this excellent fundraiser for charity, please pop across to his charity page: http://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Joe-BarryRichmondPark

Summer camps - an unmissable opportunity!

We've all familiar with the idea of residential summer camps, and now a recently-formed UK charity wants to start the same sort of thing here. What's more, we've heard this year the Summer Camps Trust is trialling a seven day residential camp for just £245, which includes accompanied travel to and from one of the two camps, in Nottinghamshire and on the Herefordshire/Welsh border. The camps are aimed particularly at students aged nine to 15 who have not yet tried a residential summer camp. In addition, the trust is recruiting volunteers aged from seventeen-and-a-half. Working in summer camps provide a great addition to UCAS personal statements and CVs. The training week can also count as a residential course for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. All the information regarding this marvellous opportunity is available on the Summer Camps Trust website:https://www.summercampstrust.org/about-us/

An hour and a half well spent?

Could your child do with some support at times managing their worries? If so you might be interested in three anxiety workshops being run by Positive Autism and Support Training. Children need only attend one date, and the session costs £15. The organisation's HQ in Bookham is where you will find them on either 30th July, 6th August or 13th August from 1.30-3pm. All details can be found at: www.positiveautismsupportandtraining.co.uk




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