Stem Cell Use & Spinal Cord Injury

Our Nerves our covered with this fatty substance called Myelin. Myelin can be damaged through injury, infection and tumors.

When Myelin is damaged Nerves cannot operate normally, and in some cases this leads to paralysis.

Other definitions to know: Quadriplegia-Paralysis of all 4 limbs. Paraplegia-Paralysis of lower limbs

At NuTech Mediworld Doctors grew or cultured HESC (Human Embryonic Stem Cells), so that the cells would not have any animal trace in them.
The cells are given to the patients through an I.V. Which helps the process of remyelination.
"An Australian patient with quadriplegia since last 14 years was admitted to Nutech Mediworld on 8 March 2008. Patient history revealed that he suffered a major trauma to the neck while playing rugby in April 1994, which resulted in injury to the spine...
At the time of admission, the patient was unable to move his upper limbs (ULs) as well as lower limbs (LLs) and had complete loss of sensation except on his face...The patient underwent four sessions of hESC therapy at Nutech Mediworld...
Following the treatment with hESC, the patient weaned off his ventilator and was able to remain away from ventilator for up to 12 hours. He was able to move his neck freely, shrug shoulders and showed movement of his arms and hands."
Here is a picture of his Myelin Samples before and after.
In Asia 12-61.6 million people suffer from Traumatic Back Injury, so this is an important field of work.
Source:Schroff, Geeta, and Rakesha Gupta. "Human Embryonic Stem Cells in the Treatment of Patients with Spinal Cord Injury." Pubmedcentralcanada. N.p., n.d. Web. <>.

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