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The dentist will see you online - The rise and acceptance of Teledentistry

Now more than ever, teledentistry solutions are on the rise as millions look to online dental care to maintain their oral health during current COVID lockdown measures. Sister companies Straight Teeth Direct and Instant Dentist™ stand out from the ever growing teledentistry business and are set to revolutionise dental health and wellness at home in the long run.

Orthodontic treatment and dental health appointments are known to be costly, inconvenient, and even painful - until now. By leveraging a unique combination of industry expertise, data analysis, smart devices, 3D printing and a team of expert digital dentists, Straight Teeth Direct™ and Instant Dentist™ are modernising the way people interact with their dental health by making it easy, affordable, and pain-free for anyone to achieve their best, healthiest smile.

The range of dental care options now available online are numerous to say the least: teeth straightening, custom made dental devices (such as retainers and teeth grinding splints), dentist approved teeth whitening, enamel strengthening systems, preventative and curative regimes for gum disease, reduction of tooth sensitivity, as well as the analysis and management of many other symptoms and dental problems. The secure Straight Teeth Direct™ and Instant Dentist™ platforms also educate users on their individual dental care requirements, thanks to professional diagnoses, risk assessments and dentist approved at home treatments.

Currently, 7,500 adults seek the help of their GP every week due to dental issues, costing the NHS an estimated £20 million a year. Furthermore, over half the UK population does not visit a dentist, resulting in childhood and adult dental problems, due to accessibility issues. Straight Teeth Direct™ and Instant Dentist™ bring the dentist to the user via an app, enabling direct access to a digital dentist, and turning a previously intermittent service into continuous care at home. For the first time ever, users can take control of their dental health and smile in a cost effective way, receiving private dental advice and tailored at home treatments in an instant, and at rates up to 70% lower than in-clinic.

“Major dental conditions like tooth decay and gum disease are diagnosed visually. The tooth changes appearance as it moves from a health to disease state and the key is to identify these changes early to enable them to be reversed or treated. That's why dental care is a computer vision problem. All conditions are diagnosed visually and volumetrically that’s why a team of expert digital dentists supported and empowered by sophisticated AI algorithms can help provide scalable global dental access” - Aalok Y Shukla, CEO and Co-Founder of Straight Teeth Direct™ and Instant Dentist™

Straight Teeth Direct™ is a teleorthodontic company that uses data, AI systems and advanced manufacturing to democratise teeth straightening and offer affordable smile enhancement from the comfort of home. Using invisible aligners and the world’s 1st teeth straightening and aligner monitoring app, this non-invasive, 100% customised cosmetic dental treatment is as gentle as it is effective, and has an affordable price tag. The app-based model provides constant contact to dental professionals, with monthly reviews and any questions being answered within 24 hours - no need for appointments.

Over the past few years, the number of remote and in-clinic aligner companies has grown exponentially, making it difficult to choose the right one. Straight Teeth Direct™ is a professional alternative to the in-clinic teeth straightening approach and other remote aligner companies, offering several additional benefits. By taking a more data-driven approach to cosmetic orthodontics, users have better insight into their treatment. Every step is reviewed and monitored by an experienced orthodontist, providing constant support through the app rather than intermittent appointments. Additionally, the user’s app account stores all their conversation and treatment history, documents and progress information, facilitating clinical support in case of questions. All Straight Teeth Direct™ aligners are produced in house, with full quality and product control, while clinics and other remote aligner companies need to outsource all production to experienced labs.

Instant Dentist™ is the first and only dental wellness platform to offer direct, end to end dental care experience from diagnosis to bespoke regimes and intelligent devices. The approach is focused on achieving and maintaining users’ optimal dental health and best looking smile, based on early detection, preventive regimes and ongoing monitoring. This teledentistry model promotes minimally invasive biomimetic dentistry, with the goal being lifelong preservation of natural teeth and gum health.

The digital dentists are experts in the field of teledentistry, trained to analyse photos and videos for maximum clinical information and to build comprehensive visual reports remotely, with more experience in this field than the average dentist. The Instant Dentist™ teledentistry platform was designed with maximum convenience and minimum friction in mind: There is no need for appointments, as the assigned dentist fully focuses their time on assessing documents and dental history to prepare their report, including a risk assessment across 22 data points. The user receives clear visual reports and can ask any questions for a more comprehensive understanding of their dental health based on impartial, honest advice by dentists that are not financially motivated to suggest dental procedures. In addition to any required dental care products or devices delivered straight to the user’s door, Instant Dentist™ offers an opportunity for ongoing dental input and care, without having to experience the fear of physical contact, unless it’s absolutely necessary - all for less than an NHS check-up.

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About Straight Teeth Direct™ and Instant Dentist™

Straight Teeth Direct™ and Instant Dentist™ are the creations of dynamic serial entrepreneur duo Dr Aalok Y Shukla and Lucie Marchelot Shukla. Years of running our own dental practice showed them that many adults hide their teeth for years, fixated on what they see as “imperfections”, noticeable usually only to them, but enough to make them hide away their smiles. Others assume that cosmetic teeth-straightening would cost them the Earth, so dismiss the idea early. The entrepreneur duo’s innovative approach to providing a democratised orthodontic solution gave light to Straight Teeth Direct™, a teleorthodontic app which has made straight and white smiles accessible to customers in over 60 countries.

After their huge success with Straight Teeth Direct™, they saw the opportunity to reinvent the dental health experience into a predictive dynamically monitored experience, away from the broken intermittent drill and fill model. 50% of adults suffer from gum disease and many of these find it difficult to pay the cost of a professional dentist or make the time for an appointment. With issues such as these more easily managed at home, there is a growing need for accessible, empowering self care that puts users in control rather than solely relying on physical practices. Instant Dentist allows users to receive their expertise quickly and from the comfort of their own home.

Their combined 23 years of deep industry expertise and range of innovative products makes achieving an ideal smile and optimum oral hygiene easy and straightforward. Users are guided throughout both the Straight Teeth Direct™ and Instant Dentist™ processes with professional recommendations and diagnoses, revolutionising personal dental care and bringing it into the 21st century so that everyone can achieve their best smile.

Cost Straight Teeth Direct™:

Free e-consultation

SmileBox™ at home impression kit: £42

StraightBox™ aligner treatment: from £1350 (payment plans available)

Cost Instant Dentist™:

£20 for the first consultation

Regimes: between £85-£135


Lucie Marchelot Shukla lucie@straightteethdirect.com


Lucie Marchelot Shukla lucie@straightteethdirect.com


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