The Ranch at Clear Springs By Jamie Soukup

A guide, and a need to know, about Clear Springs Ranch.

Clear Springs Ranch is located at 3662 PATTON LAKE RD, AQUILLA, TX 76622

Effects of drug abuse and addiction abuse:

The effects of drug abuse and addiction is no joke, drugs target the brain's reward system by flooding the circuit with dopamine. When drugs enter the brain, they can actually change how the brain performs its jobs. These changes are what lead to compulsive drug use, the hallmark of addiction.

Treatment services include:

Safe, medically-supervised detoxification-individual focus, small counselor caseloads, empowered recovery through client education, Family programming, Assessment and treatment for co-occurring disorders-enhanced therapies such as: yoga, equine-assisted learning, healthy outdoor activities, ropes course, breathwork, and many others

Treatment involves 5 main points, to help you in your journey of healing.

The first is Stabilization:

Stabilization includes safe detoxification and stabilization of any other conditions. Ex. : diabetes or hypertension also provides depression treatment and anxiety treatment when necessary.

The second is Motivation

The staff at Clear Springs Ranch, helps each person to recognize the value of continuing treatment and recovery. Ex. Client Education. Group Therapy. and Individual Counseling

The third involves Individualized Treatment

The staff encourages the active participation of the client in determining their substance abuse treatment.

The fourth includes a Plan for Ongoing Success

The staff make sure to talk to your health care providers to ensure success of following treatment and recovery.

The final point is of family involvement and support

Family involvement and support are the keys to success for many recovering people. Like our patients, family members have unique needs that must be evaluated and addressed as part of the client’s treatment experience.

Accommodations and Amenities:

Clear Springs Ranch offers cozy, semi-private rooms. Residents eat together in a cafeteria-style café that serves mostly American dishes. On the grounds, there is plenty of outdoor space for reflection, including next to spring-fed ponds.
They can hold up to 90 residents and the usual stay is 30-90 days.
The cost of staying here is ranged $15,001 - $30,000 per month

Insurance and Financial options:

The Ranch at Clear Springs allows private health insurance And self payment. Also allows some insurance, but does not accept Medicaid or Medicare.

Programs include:

The Ranch at Clear Springs' Holistic Programming sets them apart Thanks to small their client-to-staff ratios, we are able to carefully tailor individualized care to each client’s specific needs. Examples of Clear Springs Ranch therapeutic offerings include: Evidence-Based Therapy, Mindfulness Program, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Intensive 12-Step Program, Comprehensive Family Program, Integrated Yoga Classes, Breath Work, Meditation, Drum Circle, Group, R.O.P.E.S. Course, Equine Therapy, Recreational Activities, and Outdoor Experiential Excursions.

Reviews and rating

Reviews of the Ranch submitted show they were rated:-four alumni recommending the facility with an average four out of five stars to date. -Three alumni rated it a perfect five stars in treatment effectiveness and accommodations and amenities.-With one alum rating five stars in cleanliness and group counseling. -three stars in holistic treatment offerings. Alumni comments praised the facility’s staff

Recovery Process:

The Ranch at Clear Springs offers a unique opportunity to participate in a comprehensive monitoring system. OnTrac Recovery is designed to encourage accountability and strengthen long-term recovery outcomes. OnTrac and Clear Springs have a collaborative working relationship; clients enrollment with OnTrac can be initiated during the treatment episode at Clear Springs.
OnTrac is a wonderful way and means to support positive treatment outcomes and is particularly helpful to legal, diversion, employment and family accountability requirements. The program consists of daily recovery check-ins (either by phone or on the web), random drug testing, and a recovery-related activity point system. Progress is observed and if there is a need for additional support, OnTrac will contact both you and your counselor at Clear Springs.

With consent, OnTrac can provide documentation and serve as a advocate with employers, parents, court systems, etc.

Careers involving rehab centers include:

Licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs), Licensed clinical social workers, Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Certified addiction specialists (CASs).

For more information contact (830) 315-2055 or visit

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