Child Labor in India What action did Craig keilburgeR take in effort to improve chiLd labor laws after he went to South Asia


Would you like to work when you were a little kid, and had to suffer a lot? I would probably think, not. Some children have to face that everyday, because they are forced to do child labor. It is a tragic thing, to work all day, for little pay, and being in danger of a lot of things, mostly because you are a kid, and kids don't have a good enough immune system, so viruses, can spread easily. It also can be hard work, with all the big and heavy machinery, so children can get hurt. A lot of things can happen to children forced to do child labor. One of the people who tried to stop child labor is, Craig Keilburger. He is the leader and creator of the, Free the Children corporation.

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Craig Keilburger learned about child labor in Canada, where he lived. It said, in the article, "", that he learned about child labor, one morning, when he read a magazine about a child who was a slave in a carpet factory, who was murdered. The boy's name was Iqbal Masik, and he was 12 years old. He thought about how defferant his life was from him, even if they were the same age. After that day he got his classmates together, and then the Free the Children corporation began.

After making the Free the Children corporation, Craig Kielburder started the corporations real mission, to create child labor laws. Craig, got signatures from his school and other things to supply his company. In the article Peaceheroes, it say', " Would no one else tell the world that there were child slaves?", basicly saying, "not a lot of people knew about child labor" ( He showed people and brought it into attention. The video bellow has more information:

Craig Keilburger did a lot, but he got his goal. New laws were created to control childlabor. It says, in an article, " Within two years, the organization had raised enough money --- from coin donations coming from classrooms --- to help fund a rehabilitation center that takes in Pakistani youngsters who have escaped slavery. The rehabilitation center provides shelter and an informal school for the young children, keeping them out of the child labor system. Germany adopted a tag called "Rugmark," for carpets that were not made through the exploitation of children. A coalition of major US sporting goods manufacturers pledged not to buy soccer balls stitched by Pakistani children. " ( ?) , basicly saying, " most companies stopped buying/manufacturing things made by children, forced child labor." Craig Keilburger went far, even if it took a while, and completed his goal, his goal of making rules for child labor. Our world is better because of Craig Keilburger and the "Free the Children" corporation.


Craig Keilburger was the founder of the, Free the Children foundation, which freed children forced to do child labor, first learned about child labor, in a magazine, which told him about a kid that got murdered when he was released out of child labor. It says in the website, "He created the foundation to create laws that keep child labor on a leash. He did a lot of hard work, but it paid of when everyone created child labor laws.

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Craig Keilburger did so much for the world, what can we do to help him? Maybe we can help him spread child labor. It say's, in the article named, "yesmagazine. org", "The only gift you can give them in return for the time they spend with you is to carry their stories home with you" ( In another website named, "" it says, " Tackling child labor in India has been a priority for nearly 25 years – ever since the first government program" ( That actually make people think and continue to talk about it, making the word grow until it reaches Craig Keilburger, or it can make other people help. That's contributing to Craig Keilburger.

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