CU 1010 Portfolio Aidan Pilon | Spring 2017

Reflective Introduction

Over the course of this semester I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned how to control my inner critic and channel that energy into an inner guide. You are capable of all things and the only thing holding you back is fear. There is nothing to be afraid of, just do what you want to do and with hard work you will succeed. I learned great new study methods that have helped me prepare for exams. Last semester, I would spent most of my time in quadrants three and four, or on non-important activities. This semester however, I managed to spend most of my time during the week in quadrants one and two, most Saturday's in quadrant three and four, and Sunday was usually a mix of important and non-important activities. I plan on utilizing the new techniques that I have learned this semester for the rest of my college career and for the rest of my life. I also learned about my mistakes on an exam and what kind of questions I was getting wrong. I learned how to prepare better for next exam using the study techniques I learned throughout the course of the semester. I learned how to allocate my time wisely and it has greatly improved my grades and life in general. By keeping a time schedule, my life has much more order to it. By keeping a monthly calendar, I am able to plan ahead of time and plan things around my schedule. It gives me an overview of the entire month. By keeping a weekly schedule, this gives me a weekly plan to stick to that I should not deviate from during a normal week. A prioritized to do list highlights what absolutely needs to get done in any given day and what can potentially wait until tomorrow. I gained a deeper understanding of my core values. I think this goes even beyond school. These values are ultimately what makes up the character of a human being. Finding out about my number one core value was interesting to me. Hope is having a positive, optimistic outlook, and it is something that is critical to living a satisfying, happy life. This was one of my favorite exhibits because it put in words what is important to me deep down. My second self exhibit about mastering the mundane was my favorite personal exhibit. I learned that when you do the little things they add up to pretty big results. I read a book titled "the Slight Edge" over winter break and it opened up my eyes to doing a lot of things that are so important, yet so simple. Simply doing the little things that are so easy to do, yet so easy not to do add up in the long run. Reviewing after class every day for fifteen minutes is so easy to do, yet so easy not to do and that is why most people don't do it that's why those people fail. I was one of them, and I'll never go back to procrastination again. In my personal exhibit about a specific style of note taking I learned that it is important to include a graphical image, especially when there is one central idea to stem off, is a highly effective form of learning. The visual provides a conceptual view and all your notes are based off of the image. Don't forget to sum up your notes in a summary at the end of class for maximum results. I have learned a lot through the course of this semester about myself and my study habits. I was able to pinpoint and explain to myself my core values in order to emphasize what is truly important to me. I was able to revise my self talk patterns and learn how to channel the inner critic and inner defender into an inner guide. I feel that reality hit me this semester about why I'm really here at Clemson. This portfolio allowed me to sum all of this up in eight unique exhibits that have changed my life and will continue to change my life in the long term.


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