Age of Exploration Cause and Effects Caleb Barrett

Printing Press Was invented

Cause: It was harder to learn things because books were not common

Effect: Books are a quicker way to learn and knowledge exploded.

Cause: Books were really expensive and only available to the wealthy.

Effect: Today we have books at our disposal and we can get them very easily

Cause: It took way too long to write books

Effect: mass production of books

Spanish Armada

Cause: Spain had intent to invade England

Effect: England defended itself with better weapons and battle tactics

Cause: English raided the Spanish commerce.

Effect: King Philip of Spain planned a conquest on England.

Cause: Elizabeth the first executed the Catholic Mary queen of Scots in 1587.

Effect: This enraged Phillip making him decide to invade England.

Constantinople falls to Ottoman Turks

Cause: Venice had a lot of trading deals with Constantinople.

Effect: Since they have investments in Constantinople, they would help defend it, and they did, not that it helped.

Cause: Ottoman Turks Conquer

Effect: This signals the end of the Empire.

Cause: The Ottoman Attack began in the early hours of the morning.

Effect: Because of their timing, the soldiers in the city most likely were not expecting the attack and they also would not be able to see them coming.

Triangular trade

Cause: Europe wanted to come up with a more efficient way to ship goods and not have ships sailing without goods on them.

Effect: the triangular trade was invented

Cause: Slaves were needed in America for work

Effect: Ships took Slaves from Africa to America where they picked up raw materials to ship back to Europe.

Cause: Mass amounts of slaves coming to America

Effect: Centuries of Slavery and problems with civil rights in America.

Cause: Shipping slaves needed to be more Efficient and Europe needed to make more money with sailing

Effect: Triangular trade.

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