Generational Analysis Sherif Asfour

The Five W's

Where: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World takes place is 2010 who ironically lives in Toronto Canada. He lives with his gay best friend in an old basement of a house which he can barley afford.

Who: The movie follows 22 year old Scott Pilgrim, a band member who is trying to make a living and get his life in order.

What: Scott Pilgrim is a very comedic movie based off of their original comics series.

How: Scott eventually falls in love with a girl named Ramona, and seeks her out through, party's, friends, and places where his band ends up preforming at. When all seems well Scott has to deal with the baggage Ramona has which are her ex-boyfriends. There is multiple arcade like showdowns where Scott fights Ramona's old ex's.

Why: Scott does this to get with Ramona.

What generation do you feel you belong to (Y or Z) and why? What best defines that generation for you?

I feel as though I'm a part of Generation Z. Generation Z is what I imagine as the "Generation of Change" in which everything is progressing, good or bad, at a very fast rate. Although I was raised by baby boomers I have the same values as people in my generation, this includes but isn't limited to always being connected to other (generally through technology), having a sense of responsibility in what is currently happening in the world, change is social views towards equality and liberty, and overall trying achieve more knowlage. You can see this with laws changing to be more open and with new prime minister(Justin Trudeau) being elected. Although I am caught in between generation X and Y and can strongly relate to generation Y I still feel as though I belong in generation X because of certain views and things my generation will have to encounter in the future.

What issues matter the most to Generation Y/Z?

Issue's that matter in Generation Z are very controversial and different. Most people in generation z have a very basic idea of what's going on in the world that can be easily biased or swayed through the many non-stop streams of media. This gives a lot of people in our generation a voice, dealing with ethical matters like; global warming, presidential/prime minister elections, equality and such. However their are also people in our generation who have become desensitized to these public issues from the same non-stop streams of media. Therefore instead of feeling responsible to these public issues they feel responsible for self development, this ties into the development of technology and the giant amount of time our generation takes socializing with each other. So for these people self advancement is the issue that matters the most. A lot of people in generation z have a mix of this. This also isn't surprising consider 55% of generation z students say that their parents put pressure on them to gain professional experience just in high school. And 79% of them experience emotional distress when kept away from their personal electronic devices.

What values of Generation Y/Z can you determine from this media source?

My media source is a mixture of both generation y and z, however I can relate it back to generation z because it ties into the second part of my previous answer. In Scott Pilgrim the movie fundamentally revolves around socializing, with multiple little jokes or comedic scenes where it shows generation z's values with scenes like Scott buying things over amazon, having a gay roommate, and even hinting towards drug usage. Although this movie shows a lack of usage of technology it still strongly shows the values that generation z have.

What customs are evident?

Customs in Scott Pilgrim are going to parties, and social events such as parties and get together. However that mostly works well because it relates with the plot very nicely.

Are there any gender expectations?

No, there isn't. In fact the lack of gender roles is this movie is very present and shown multiple times with funny scenes and Scott having to deal with problems in different ways.

What are the social norms and morals?

As previously stated the social norms strongly tie in with those of generation z, this mostly includes social constructs and perspective. Using the same iconic examples of amazon, having a gay roommate, and hinting towards drug usage.

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