Come and visit. By DANIEL and Sam

Come and visit The Dead Sea

If you went for a swim you can float in the ocean put you can sit in the Dead Sea.


The beach is 200m below sea level.

And it is the lowest point on earth.

Come and visit The Yellow River

The yellow river is 5,464mile length.

The yellow river is the second longest in Asia.

The Mississippi discharges as much as the yellow river.

Come and visit North China Plain

The North China Plain is based on the yellow river.

The north china plain is based by the north and the mountains of yakashama.

he north China plain is called yellow plain. It had villages in the Shang dynasty.

Come and visit the Top of the world!!!

The Plateau is The highest plateau in the world and the highest point. The Plateau is 4,000 feet above sea level and 3mile above sea levels the length is 4,500 meters long.

Bay of bengals come and visit

The Bay of Bangathe largest bay in the world The Bay of Bangals occupiethe northern and eastern part of India. The Bay of Bangel range of the area is 839,000 square miles.

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