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Below you'll find the design work I completed for my junior year graphic design class

Our first assignment was to design an advertisement, so I decided to try my hand at a book advert. Because I love puns and a good theme, everything used in the text relates back to Edgar Allan Poe and the colors and design were meant to reflect his work.
This was for our "sign" project. At the time I was also interning at a sign company and desperately wanted to try and design a sign we wouldn't be able to do at work. The line work on the letters is a little too thin to be practical, but it matches the feel I was going for of a post-industrial revolution styled high end manor with a somewhat witchy organic feel, as I completely stole the name from a level in the video game Dishonored.
When given the option to make a poster of any type, with the suggestion we try and give the design a specific tie into a famous artistic period, I jumped at the chance to try my hand at something Art Nouveau. I watch a lot of movies but after some contemplation I realized the design of the aliens in Ridley Scott's film of the same name already mirrored the natural curves found in the period. Add in my favorite character Newt and one of my family's favorite lines and it came together almost on it's own.
I buy far too many dice and my house is covered in the classic Chessex clear plastic boxes because of it. I wanted to try and make a box that would give me a reason to by more dice, and limit the amount of clutter I naturally amass as an avid pack rat.
We were only meant to design one book cover, but so many books are parts of a series instead of stand alone novels nowadays so I wanted to try and see how two would look together. Also despite this duet being one of my all time favorite series, the art work was awful and had nothing to do with the actual novels. I tried to depict enough of the overall plot without giving it away.
Now when I started this I hadn't realized that Dragon Magazine had actually come back and about half way through the initial design process I realized that they were already four issues into the reboot. The new magazine has fantastic artwork, but the first cover was very much the reboot cover focusing more on the brand than the main story. I'm very attached to the new Princes of the Apocalypse story line and wanted to make a cover that properly reflected how cool that story arc is.
This is part one of our Magazine Article project. This was my cover spread for an article I found on that discussed how the entire premise of most Sci-Fi films comes back around to how little we want to actually get up and do our jobs. Typically that has its own consequences to it that results in the major plot problem of the films. Despite that obvious negativity and bleakness the article still had an overall positive message. I tried to toe that line with cool sci-fi colors and typical "lazy" images along with multiple references to films in the genre.
And here's part two
Assigned right around Halloween and designed on an empty stomach. When we were given our brochure project I wanted to try something different from an informational brochure as I'd done a few at work, so I tried my hand at a menu. With a festive color scheme and several witchy puns later I think I succeeded on making something fun and light hearted. This is the outside set of panels.
And this is the inside.
As an avid participant of our schools theater troupe, it's not hard to notice we have a very long name and it takes up quite a bit of space on our posters when show time rolls around. I wanted to try and design a logo that could be used lots of different ways for lots of different situations, but all still felt like they belonged together. A flaming feather for our Phoenix status, as the bird itself is overused and hard to make stand out amongst all of the other phoenix logos floating around, and a simple round spotlight, making sure the focus is where it belongs.
My nickname at home has been Rat for as long as my name has been Sam, so when it came time to come up with a self promo design I really wanted to try and bring that element in along with my usual born and bred geek flair. I wanted to try a business card because they're practical and it's important to be able to make good ones that stand out that people don't want to lose, but I really liked learning about and seeing the other ways people would design things to make sure their name didn't get forgotten. My friends are always losing keys and I've never known anyone to throw out an actually useful keychain. It's fairly simple, but I don't like the idea of being too in your face with self promotion.
Really attached to my rat and diamond design and wanting to stay consistent between the two designs, I tried to make a website layout for my own personal art gallery/blog. I kept the cool blue colors as I feel they work with my vibe and won't detract from anything project I put up by being too loud or clashing. It's a simple design with the idea being that you could just click any of the categories at the top...
And follow it to the gallery of your choice. This one shows you the top of the Illustration Gallery, with one of my own pieces shown on display. The Rat design having also become a watermark of sorts for my piece. My contact info stay s the same no matter what page your on, and it's design to give the idea that you could simply scroll down and pick a new photo to get a better look at.
Last but not least, our phone app design project. I know a few programmers so I tried to come up with something that visually looked cool but that I knew could feasibly be done. The home page on the left displays the little app character of a hungry mimic and allows the user to chose a level range for the kinds of items or traps that their players will encounter if they're using it to plan a game in advance, or if they like to fly by the seat of their pants, what will show up randomly in the middle of a session. The middle portion shows all of the possible icons within the app. They break things up into categories so with just a glance you can see if there's too much of one thing or another in this chest. Actual details for the items would be listed below, pulled from a random table and then you can simply hit new to get a brand new list of options. A simple, clean design that has flat elements but still some depth to it.
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Samantha Roddam


Dice Photo by Sam Roddam

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