Week in sports: 2/27/17 Office of Continuous School Improvement

CSI WEEK IN SPORTS is for CSI Staff, Office of Post-Secondary Readiness and District collaborators; detailing weekly updates, events, & highlights.

Week 25/38

Every Student Thrives!

"The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.."

- socrates

Promoting a Vision

Promoting a Vision


What if OUSD were to focus on the following priorities for the next five year?

Distributive Leadership

Pathway to Excellence Reference: Effective Talent Programs

"The Village"

Investing in Building High Functioning Teams...

  • ILT (Instructional Leadership Teams)
  • PLC (Professional Learning Communities)
  • SSC (School Site Councils)
  • SEL/Culture (Social Emotional Learning/ Culture Teams)

As well as...

  • Executive Leadership Teams
  • Cross-Departmental Teams
  • BOE (Board of Education)

How is OUSD Investing in Distributive Leadership through High Functioning Teams?

Quality School Development

Pathway to Excellence Reference: Quality Community Schools

"Process of Continuous School Improvement"

Supporting schools and the central office in data-driven Cycles of Inquiry...


  • I. Assess schools based on standards & goals
  • II. Prioritize Improvements Areas
  • III. Plan Strategies
  • IV. Implement Plan
  • V. Monitor Plan
  • VI. Adjust Implementation


Creating Quality School Designations to ensure schools are making "STEADY PROGRESS"

  • Certified Exemplary School (Green/Blue & smallest Achievement Gaps)
  • Certified School
  • Certified Focus School
  • Certified Priority School
  • Transformation School (Lowest 1/3 w/ Low SQR Ratings)

Accelerations & Interventions Triggered when Schools Do Not Make Steady Progress to Improve.

How is OUSD Investing in Quality School Development and the Continuous School Improvement Process?

School Portfolio Management

Pathway to Excellence Reference: Accountable School District

"Opportunity Gap"

Ensuring Quality Schools in Every Neighborhood, Placing Students Closest to Opportunity.

SPM Priorities

1. Improve Performance

  • Overall SPF Performance
  • Growth on SPF Performance
  • Student Group SPF Performance

2. Increase 1st Choice Chooser Enrollment

  • Enrollment Trends
  • Choice/ Demand Rate
  • Live/Go Data

3. Maximize Resources to Program vs. Operations

  • Fiscal: (Subsidized Budget / Budget for Schools by Design)
  • Staffing: (Capacity to Collaborate / Whole Child Positions)
  • Facilities: (Utilization Rate / Optimum Capacity)

School Portfolio Management is to Identify Clusters of Schools Across Oakland & Assess Alignment to School Portfolio Priorities...

Determine Portfolio Recommendations through Analysis and Engagement


Where (in what Regions and communities) do we have quality schools? Can they be expanded (in grade configuration, enrollment, and/or facilities)? Can they be replicated? Relocated to a larger campus?

Where do we have low performing schools? Can they be redesigned? Can they be prioritized for leadership development, teacher recruitment and development?

Where can we envision a community educational center with multiple schools? Can some school programs be combined within a single larger school vision?

Unplanned = Unsuccessful

How is OUSD Investing in School Portfolio Management?


February 27

  • Network Leader KPI Reflection
  • Executive Cabinet
  • KSR Planning Call
  • SIG Grant Budget Meeting
  • CRPE Portfolio Call
  • SPM Planning Call
  • Budget Meeting
  • Sankofa/ CSI/ OCE / Elevation Meeting

February 28

  • SIG Steering Committee Meeting
  • CSI Team 1:1's
  • SIG Positions Talent Meeting
  • School Funding Meeting
  • CSI / Engagement Team: MLK/ West Oakland Planning
  • Brookfield Prop 39 Parent Meeting

March 1

  • SPF Project Team Meeting
  • PSI Partner Reflection Meeting
  • CDE School Improvement Webinar
  • ERS Follow-up / GO Study
  • Thrival Check-in
  • Phase Two Feeder Pattern Meeting
  • CSI Team 1:1's
  • Travel to KSR Conference

March 2

  • KSR Conference

March 3

  • KSR Conference


Executive Cabinet begins weekly data dive into District KPI's at the start of each meeting.

District KPI's are provided by RAD through the Weekly Engagement Report (Click for week of Feb 24)

Contact Juan Du with any questions about this data set.

Keep this hit record on the air... contact CSI to receive Department training on how to read and use the SPF and KPI's.

KPI's - Key Performance Indicators

FOCUS: Language Equity

Future Updates

To include:


Office of Continuous School Improvement

Helps schools and our district become the "Best at Getting Better"

Key Functions:

  • Measuring & reporting school performance annually & throughout the year using SPF and KPI's (district & charter)
  • Designing & implementing tools for data-driven Cycles of Inquiry, strategic school site planning, progress monitoring of programs, analysis and reporting of what's working & not working, and sharing effective practices
  • Identifying schools for Intensive supports or eligibility for Innovation; & coordinating access & implementation of those supports and services
  • Facilitating decision-making and implementation of new schools, grade configuration expansions, & charter reauthorizations, school mergers or consolidations, and school closures
  • Facilitating team responsible for ensuring annual allocation of facilities for new and/or growing schools, changing programs, and charter school requests

We remain lean by collaborating across the district to ensure that Quality is Everyone's Responsibility


Please Contact David Montes de Oca with Immediate Questions at david.montes@ousd.org

OUSD Selects its Values!

Students First - Equity - Excellence - Integrity - Cultural Responsiveness - Joy

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