Jess Moskaluke Small Town country singer

Jess Moskaluke is a small town country singer and loves what she does. She claims she can do this all the time and yes it gets boring but i love seeing what people have to say. Early in her career at age 16 she sang "Amen Hallelujah" in her hometown Langenburg, Canada. All this did was start her singing career, and started everything with a blast. Her father was always giving her advice and one thing he kept saying was, "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway," all through her time so far she keeps hearing these words mean everything to Jess. Her father meant everything to her before he passed away in 2006 from multiple sclerosis. Later she got a puppy named Shya.

Langenburg, Canada

All she wants is room to be herself and make mistakes, learn and be free like everyone else. In her past she taught kids to swim and now she sees those kids going into high school and having their life ready to go. She likes to go home and visit everyone at home such as her brother Dylan and mother Rhonda, and be called as, "Jess down the street." She claims she misses everyone around at home and be recognized as Jess down the street, she keeps wanting to be normal in her hometown Langenburg but cant be in her career. She is born June 4th 1990 and is 26 years old and has many awards for her time. Some of them are CCMA award for female artist of the year, Interactive artist of the year, Video of the year award. She also wants more women to have easier time for them to make music before men took over the role.

Female artist of the year
Video award of the year
CCMA award
Country Singer Award

She is doing everything in her power to be the one country singer that can be looked upon and seen as the most passionate female singer and loves what she does.She has so many record breaking singles more than anyone else. The reason why we chose her is because she loves what she does and so passionate on what she sings about. She takes her fathers word and makes it into something even better and keeps going with it. She is going about this singing career very unique and still has a major impact on the people that listen to her. She makes the world seem not so scary and that even in the harsh times you can pull through and see the light again and saddle up and take the ride, as her father has said.

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