Celiac Disease By kristin Martin

Disease Name and Type

Celiac disease is an genetic autoimmune disease of the digestive system.

Cause and Effect

People with celiac disease experience symptoms from eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and other grains. Their body reacts negatively to the protein and damages their villi that are found in the small intestine. The injured villi cannot absorb the nutrients of the food. Malnourishment can occur as well as well as loss of bone density, miscarriages, infertility or even the start of neurological diseases or certain cancers.


because celiac disease is genetic, it is nontransmissible. It is impossible for the disorder to be passed on from one person to another.

Treatment and Management

There is no cure or medication someone can take to fix celiac disease. However, it is possible to manage symptoms by adhering to a strict gluten free diet. This includes no bread, cake, baked goods, beer, and even some kinds of medicines.


There's nothing a person can do to prevent themselves from having celiac disease, since it is genetic, but the person can enjoy a diet of gluten free foods, fruits, veggies, and protein in order to prevent negative symptoms.


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