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Miggy Garcia

Canisius performers for the Harana competition singing Rivermaya's Hinahanap-hanap Kita

Last August 2016, we celebrated buwan ng wika, in which we had activities that we participated in as a class. It wasn’t really easy for the class since it was the first time for us to have that kind of activity that needed delegation of tasks and coordination with everyone. There were times that we had small misunderstandings and miscommunications with each other. But through it all we were able to pull it off as a class. We performed well during harana, made our classroom well decorated with our hugot lines and did very well in Posturang Pinoy. Sadly we didn’t place in any of the competitons, no banners for the class but im happy to say that we, as a class gained something even better than banners after buwan ng wika which were lessons learned and values gained. We now share a stronger bond and class unity that still continues to grow.

dressing the models as members of the Visayan Pintados tribe for the Posturang Pinoy


Juancho Santos


Approaching the day of the retreat of 11-Canisius, the class has already bonded through a lot in 5 months, and some might say, what can help us bond even more? Yes, there is the annual retreat that the Ateneo has regarded high enough to be such a big event of the school year. This is the chance to bond with your classmates, make peace with an enemy in the class, or just simply reassuring them. The main purpose though, is to connect and find God in everything we do, and love. Just love.

The class got there from an hour bus ride from the AHS to Angono, Rizal and settled in. The room assignments were designed in a way that no person in the class would be assigned with a close friend, which gives a chance for others to bond with others and form a better friendship.

The theme of the retreat was love, and fittingly, the first activity was the Stations of the Cross. An event in Jesus’ life wherein he showed His ultimate love for us, as He sacrifcied for our sins.

The next activity was the mask. The task is to write or draw your fears, challenges, mistakes or anything related to negativity. This was later used for the sharing, which led to everyone in the class to open up to each other and the trust was developed there.

Next day, the activity again was with the masks, but this time, the task was to write the 3 things you love / care / grateful for or anything positive about your life, and this uplifted everyone’s spirits after noting down the negatives the night before.

After that, there was little sharing and the activity now is to go outside and pray. Talking to God and imagining God asking you the question: “do you love me?” This was a wonderful end to the retreat as it goes back to the same theme, which is love. Love is about acceptance and the class accepted each other.

Finally, the time of reassurance through the ball of yarn, wherein you choose a classmate to pass the ball of yarn, thank the person and reassure them of any love and it was heartwarming, especially for the unexpected ones as you never know that you actually impacted someone’s life in that way.

It was concluded with the palancas, and the mass to celebrate the retreat.

Overall, the retreat isn’t just another school activity, it is a chance for everyone to find inner peace between others, God and themselves. It was through this that a class bonds well with each other, further developing friendships and most importantly, love.

"GVs lang!" -- good vibes lang! The class decides to spread good vibes together after becoming more bonded through the retreat.


Abai Llenos

Last December 9 was a very memorable moment. Not just because we went out of school and have some fun, but because we went out bonding with one another as a class. We also love out the famous quote which says “ The family that eats together, stays together” during the field trip. We ate pancit canton together inside the bus, care of Mr. Rodriguez. Our field wouldn’t be as lively as it is without the ever energetic and ever humorous kuya richard. He was our tour guide throughout the field and i was surprised on how he managed to bring back our interest and hype during the field trip even though we were getting bored already.

Our first destination was the national divine mercy shrine located at Marilao Bulacan. There, we had a lot of fun looking at the religious things that has been imparted to us through the influence of the foreigners. Through these things, I could say that our nationalism was also exercised because we were able to appreciate the past. We also saw the different artifacts that imposes a great impact to our daily lives nowadays. Even Though the sun is so hot and the route we walked was far, we still had fun because we learned a lot and most of all we bonded together as a class.

Canisius at the Divine Mercy Shrine

Our next destination was the salikneta farm located at san jose del monte bulacan. There , we were given a chance to meet some of the famous farm animals such as horses, cows,carabaos, pigs, dogs, and even ostriches. Some of us were also lucky enough to milk the cows and plow the field with the carabaos. Through this experience we were able to appreciate the animals and the people who provided us with the crops and things we are enjoying right now such as the rice, corn, milk, and etc. Even though we were caught by the rain and rashes emerged through our skin because of insect bites, we still enjoyed the experience because it is very educational and for some of us it is the first time to experience such activity.

Canisius at Salikneta Farm

On our way back to school, we brought with us the fun that we experience and the things that we learned. The field trip served as a stepping stone for us in improving our bond as a class, knowing one another, and mingling with other sections. We may be tired and drained, but everything is worth it because we were with each other having fun as a family. This is one experience that we would never forget until we get old.

"Canisius Winners"

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