Love my Happy Heart Helping you make Your happiness a priority

Are you ready to be happy?

Are you done with being exhausted by life's demands?

Is it your time to live beyond your fear and doubts?

Hi, it's Karen here!

I'm here to tell you that your happiness is just a whisper away.

The authentic happiness that you've longed for, for so long; the happiness that you thought was hidden in the new car, the holiday, the new job or relationship that is actually within you.

Your life, free of self-doubts, fear and passivity are just a whisper away, with my coaching support and Happiness Prescription.

My Story

After dancing with stress and depression over the last 20 years, exhausted and burnt-out by my relentless people-pleasing perfectionism, I stood at the edge knowing that something big had to change and that something was me! It was through a period of hibernation that I found the courage to look within and see how I was the one responsible for my happiness. After all my successful business wasn't doing it, our beautiful house wasn't doing it - so it had to be about me! I let go of that business, relationships that were not nourishing me and everything that I thought defined me from my corporate world.

Over the course of four years, I healed, cried, forgave, meditated, journaled and found that life's simplicity gave me the greatest joy. Retraining as a meditation teacher, I found stillness and peace within and with a change of mindset, I let go of my people-pleasing habits and started to honour me and my needs. I'm not saying it was easy after so many years of pleasing others, although now? Now I am living my dream as my husband and I live full-time in our motorhome, travelling, living and working around the roads of Europe. I found the courage to live my dream beyond fear and beyond my self-doubts. Now I am passionate about sharing with others how they too can live the life they deserve beyond the thieves that steal away their happiness.

The time for living the life you truly deserve, is NOW! You no longer need to live in your dreams - you can change your reality and create a world free from stress and doubt.

Imagine your life without exhaustion, stress, self-doubts and people-pleasing behaviours that have other's needs way beyond your own. It might feel like a tall order, although it is doable. I know because I did it myself and am living my dream. I am inspired to help you do the same.

I can show you how!

It's time to release your stress, doubts and fear demons and find your inner happiness.

Supported by my 20 years as a coach, together we will recover from your exhaustion, help you put your needs on the list and find coping mechanisms to deal with stress. You will begin to free yourself from your doubts and fears and finally recognise how you can create the happiness you have longed for.

Happiness comes from within

All too often we search for our happiness in other people, events and expectations of a better future. And yet that happiness philosophy always has us searching and striving, never capturing.

When we wake up to the fact that happiness is in our own hands and that it is so much more simple than we are conditioned to believe, then we begin our pathway to happiness.

Standing at the Edge

When we stand at the edge of exhaustion, feeling beaten up by stress and our life's demands, we simply know something has to change - and that something is us.

We should never stand at the tipping point alone. Having the support from a coach to help us leap and fly free is key. A coach that helps you on the journey to crafting a new map that centres on having happiness at the heart of your life.

When you're happy, then people around you feel it; families become more harmonious, relationships become smoother and work feels lighter, free of the self-induced pressure we place on ourselves.

When we find our inner happy, then the ripple effect begins and we start to cultivate a happiness legacy for our children and the whole world - one heart at a time.

The seeds of Happiness

Let's simplify happiness so that you feel empowered, every day to take charge of how you feel, enabling you to choose happiness.

Let's plant the seeds and nurture them with simple practices that you can commit to and find easy to implement. Making the transition to a state of happiness is achievable and is waiting for you to say 'Yes please!'

Why not join our Private Facebook Group where we devote our time to making our Happiness a Priority.


All photo credits to Karen Davies

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