Mountain Lions by : kaitlyn d. Consing

A. Introduction : The Puma Concolor, better known as the Mountain Lion is part of the Felidae family. It is also part of the Animalia kingdom as well as the chordata phylum, mammalia class, carnivora order, and puma species. This animal is the fourth largest cat in the Felidae family however the size may vary based on location. Mountain Lions near the equator are typically smaller than mountain lions near the poles. Mountain Lions have a strong jaw and neck, a round head, erect ears, and retractable claws. But, even though this animal is quite powerful it cannot roar, it can only scream.

A Puma Concolor (mountain lion).

The Puma Concolor first evolved 11 million years ago in Asia. These animals prefer to live in rocky areas with low underbush and low population however they can be found in all types of forests and deserts where mountains are abundant.

B. Morphological/Molecular Evidence :

This is a cat native to Africa, a caracal. This is similar to the mountain lion with features such as erect ears, and a round head.
This is a mountain lion.

C. Homologous Structures

D. Vestigial Structures

E. Transitional Fossils

F. Sources

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Kaitlyn Consing


Created with images by skeeze - "cougar puma mountain lion" • Jon David Nelson - "Puma concolor" • MrGuilt - "Caracal Portrait" • Ettore Balocchi - "Felidae - Puma concolor"

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