Edward "Ed" Gein Jayme Maras

Type of killer:

Ed Gein was an organized serial killer. He snuck into graves to dig up his victims and make a various assortments of items out of the bodies he dug up.

Early Life

Edward Theodore Gein was born on August 27, 1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Edward grew up with an alcoholic father, and under his mothers heavy influence of puritanical preaching's, and Ed was very obsessed with his mom. he lived in a house with his brother that was essentially ruled by his mothers preaching's and putanical beliefs.

What he's known for

Ed Gein was very obsessively devoted to his mother until she died in 1945, this is when Ed went slightly crazy and starting going to cemeteries and robbing the recently buried female corpses. Ed would typically cut off their body parts and keep certain bits and pieces of their body & take them back home, as a "trophy" for himself. After Ed took the body parts he wanted, he would rebury the women and leave them looking almost seamlessly untouched.

What he did to his victims

Ed was notoriously known for grave robbing recently buried women's graves, and cutting off certain body parts to make various object or "trophies", but he also killed living women. he was arrested for shooting Worden, and admitted to killing another woman. He wasn't too good at turning into a murderer, because he got caught very fast. The police also discovered throughout the investigations that he had practiced with necrophilia, and human taxidermy.

How police could've better solved this crime

Police could've solved the crimes that Ed Gein was committing a lot easier, if they started trying when the problems starting occurring. if anyone reported problems at the cemeteries, they should've put locks and made the cemetery harder to get into, if there wasn't security. if there was not already security, they could've used more security.

What i learned from ed gein's case

Some things I learned from Ed Gein's case is that the closer you pay attention to details and people, the more likely you are to find things out about people and/or the case. i could use these patterns that Ed Gein followed to help me notice the same type of patterns in other people. i could use Ed's case to study more and get a better idea on people who do things like this, or why he would've done it. His case could also help me identify why people with a bad childhood sometimes make these decisions or grow up to be these type of people.

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