The serving community


I did not choose the serving life; the serving life chose me. Servers from all around are apart of a working community. It is us that stand out the most for college jobs. Serving jobs have been for people of all ages for years. What started my serving career was when I was fourteen years old. I was called up by a family friend and they asked if I would be interested in working because they just had some quit. So, me thinking it was going to be easy gets a taste of the real world for the first time. Right then that day I learned the importance of a dollar and how important it is to leave gratuity and respect your servers. If you have never been a server, you have no idea what we put up with. You really start to question people.


Serving gives you face to face contact with people. It helps you open your mind to how people think and truly treat others. Serving is such an interaction job, you have to be able to handle the public and all they have coming your way. Youths, such as myself, think that employment helps develop a wide range of beneficial attributes such as the capacity to take responsibility, develop time-management skills, shyness with adults, and how to handle money (Mortimer). Interaction is a big part of ones young life. Serving has helped me blossom into the woman I am today. Having said that, I think it is healthy for teens to get jobs at such young ages, such as fifteen or so. Kids now have no sense of money or anything, neither do some adults for that matter. Work experience can promote the healthy development of some young people, especially when it is moderate in intensity and steady in duration—attributes that assure that employment does not interfere with other important elements in a teen’s life, and instead foster an appropriate balance between school and work (Mortimer). So, face to face contact with people is highly important in a teens life. Serving was the best job that could have ever happened to me.

Social Experience

As a young adult in the working community, I have had many run ins with all kind of different social experiences that will stick with me forever. I learned even though you are right, the customer is always right. Although, it may be a tough rule to follow that is what every business goes by these days. You want to keep you customers happy and pleased, because that is how you make your money. Serving has taught me to just smile and move on. As my mother has told me multiple times, “not everything needs a reaction.” During my time as a server I have picked up the on the trait of reading people. I can tell what they liked about my service, or if they just did not like me personally. I can tell when a customer is unsatisfied, and how to fix that problem. Correct problems immediately, as they can disrupt customer service (Suttle). Having to problem solve is another characteristic I picked up along the way. You always have to be on your toes when serving, because you never know what is going to happen. You learn so much more than what you think just by watching the world around you.

Welcome to the real World

“Welcome to the real world, it sucks!” –Monica Gheller. At our age, we are just getting a little taste of what the real world feels like. It is so amusing how when we were in our middle school stages that we are so ready to grow up, but here we are and all we really want is to be little again. Serving at different restaurant here in Huntington, such as The Maylon House, Christopher’s Eats, Three Amigos, and now bartending at Sharkeys, I have tasted what it is like to dread going into work because you do not want to deal with customers that day or just “weren’t in the mood” at the time. You go in anyway, because you realize you have bills and different items to pay for. The transformation into adulthood can be intimidating to some high school teens. There are several steps you take to adulthood, getting an education, getting a job, healthcare/supports, housing, transportation, legal, and living skills (child mental health services). There are plenty of issues you need to worry about when you are in the real world. When I was fourteen I got my own job and made my own money and paid for my own items. Getting a serving job so young helped me ease into this thing called the real world. It made me start my own bank account and grow up a little. Once you start seeing that your parents do not owe you anything you start working for yourself because their job is done. Being around and apart of the community made my transition into the “big girl” life much more comforting.


“Why is patience so important? Because it makes us pay attention.”- Paulo Coelho. Having a job where you work with the public can be frustrating and bothersome. My temperament can be out of control at times, but you learn to refrain from situations, and take a step back. Some ways to help you discover your patience with people is one needs to figure out what triggers you, and start taking deep breaths, and the most valuable is to remember what is important (Babauta). Working with the public will forever teach you how to practice these steps. This is a lesson you carry out through life. When we are forced to wait we are reminded that we are not in control (Kyle). Patience is the ability to tolerate delay without getting angry or upset (Kyle.) I believe you develop patience as you go on in life, and that once you have this you can never let it go. One of the many important characteristics you pick up from working with the public and serving.

The Lesson of a Lifetime

I was lucky enough at a young age I was taught the value of a dollar. Nothing in this life is for free so we should not take anything for granted. I like to consider myself as an independent woman now that I pay all of my bills at my age. I will forever take this with me because I will never need anything from anyone. Serving is a skill I will carry throughout life with me. If I am ever in a bind I can always go to serving to help myself out. I will never be out a job with this skill. I know what most are thinking, that anyone can do this, that it is not a skill. Well, tell that to all of the bad service that you have had. I hope everyone one day finds a skill that will carry them through life and teach them everything this job has taught me. I can honestly say without this job and all of the places I have worked I would not be the person I am today without it. Valuing your time and money can be a difficult thing, but you learn to do it and get out there in the real world. That is why I encourage kids in college who think they can not have a job and go to school at the same time to try it. You would be surprised about what you can accomplish.

Part 2: Photo Essay

Something’s you can only describe through pictures. Serving in the food industry can be a hassle, but it can also be one of the most fun jobs you will ever encounter. I personally wrote this essay on serving and going to show you these pictures because this has been my life since I was fourteen years old.

Part 3: Reflective Piece.

By the end of this paper I have been able to recognize when to and when not to use Quotation summary and paraphrase. Hence all of the in text citations, and the quote at the beginning of the real world paragraph. I believe I understand the concept of grammar and careful proof reading by always going over each paragraph carefully and using the saying at my very first line in the paper. Being able to mine for information was sort of difficult trying to find issues on serving on the Marshall website. I found some so it is not impossible, but I did have to dig deep to find that information. What I feel like I did well on this project compared to the last one was the structure of my paragraphs. That was one of my weaknesses in my last project, so I really tried hard to focus on that and keep to my topic. I have a problem with going off subject on a rant about something different then my whole project does not make sense. So I tried to really focus this time. What I lacked on was the annotated bib. The only issue I had with it was that it was really hard to find ten sources on my subject. There’s not much out there on the Marshalls website about serving, or even working teens. I guess I lacked on the ability to attend to issues of the audience purpose, and rhetorical context. My major concern with this essay was all of the sources we had to have. I feel like half of my sources did not make sense because I was really stretching out there to find any type of issue on the serving community. Especially when it includes a book, article, and a website. I believe my research questions and topics were well off. I feel like I got my point and issues across with the working and serving community. You could say with this project I lacked the ability to think critically and objectively. Over all I learned a lot from this project.

Annotated Bibliography

"Skills You Would Bring to a Restaurant Job." Skills You Would Bring to a Restaurant Job | N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Dec. 2016.. With this website I used it for the what qualities you get and what you bring to work in a serving environment. I chose this website because it showed all different issues with the topic I’m writing about. Such as, communication, multitasking, and problem solving is what I took from this article. I needed a website to back up my theory of “the customer is always right.”

Mortimer, Jeylan T. "The Benefits and Risks of Adolescent Employment." The Prevention Researcher. U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2010. Web. 08 Dec. 2016. Why I chose this website was because of the pdf file. I knew this was a scholarly website. This document explained the youth development study and answered the one question we have all been asking. Is it good for teenagers to work while in school? This article could answer all the questions you have about my paper in one article. It even goes on to show tables about how children in school and working are doingWhy this is relevant to my issue is because I want people to know that serving and or working is a good thing for teens at this age to get in. How it can form you as a whole person and have a more well rounded thoughts of issues in your everyday life.

"Serving the Transition to Adulthood." Serving the Transition to Adulthood. Delaware Children's Department, n.d. Web. 7 Dec. 2016. Serving the transition to adulthood means they are giving steps on how to make a change. They are making it easy for kids and still some adults to turn into what you need to be. How to become more adult and get to where you're going. They literally lay out a plan for you as I stated in one go my paragraphs in my advocacy essay.

"How You Can Practice Patience at Work." Institute For Faith, Work & Economics. N.p., 2015. Web. 08 Dec. 2016. Patience is a big issue when it comes to dealing with the public everyday. This article describes what happens when you lose you patients and how to gain them back. It teaches techniques on how to stay calm and relaxed during any harsh situation at work. When you're a server you have to listen to peoples request and sometimes it is frustrating, but that is what the job is. These are things that you do not learn over night. You need to practice some of thereon your own. When you feel yourself starting to get angry, you should take deep breaths.

"Zen Habits : Breathe." Zen Habits RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Dec. 2016. The name of the article says it all. These are some Zen habits that are useful to you when you are in need of some calming down. My biggest thing with my project is I want people to understand they have these articles for a reason. Servers put up with a lot, more than most people know. We do not get paid minimum wage, we all work for tips. So why we get so angry is because when people do not tip it really messes with out money and we need to have some calming down. These are fifteen tips when we get in those moods and need some help. These past two articles have similar features.

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