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There are different types of predators, a predator to prey. But every predator eats almost the same: meat. In particular, I'm going to focus on the lion, the king of all animals. The lion is related to the ordinary house cat as we know them. But this cat is a little more dangerous. The males of this special animal are very lazy, they have several females who do everything for him, including hunting are doing the women's. But that does not mean that the male isn’t dangerous. The lion is on the list of the big five, that means it is a very famous animal. But this animal is very threatened by humans.

sea creatures

There are also different types of sea creatures: fish, jellyfish, plankton and sharks. These are just a few examples that came into my mind. we're mainly talking about fish in this category. The clownfish, the clownfish lives in the sea anemone, here he is safe for other possible threats and in the anemone he finds his food. A clownfish is only active at night and therefore you will not see them much when you go diving. Scientists are still working on the fact that the clownfish is protected for the poison of the anemone plant. The Clownfish lives in tropical saltwater, and it's a super nice fish. It has a orange with white skin and has gills. Through his gills he filters the oxygen so he can just breathe underwater, and don’t has to come up.


There are a lot of pets, but the best known are surely the dog and the cat. But you also should not miss the guinea pigs, rabbits and rats. We are going to focus us on the dog and the cat. People give a dog chunks but a dog likes meat the best. The cat also gets in some cases chunks but most commonly used is a meat meal for the cat. I also want to talk about unnecessary murder of cats and dogs for their skin. What they make of the skin is often sold to a person without them knowing it really is fur of a dog or cat. It is almost impossible to see if the fur is from a dog or a cat because it is made so that there is no difference in it. the dog is in all continents to be found just as the cat. But sometimes the owner of the dog or cat can not take care of their animals and they dump it on the street. This is a big mistake because they do not know the animal is already accustomed to be feed by humans, and not be able to find themselves food in the beginning. If the animal is a little accustomed to by on the street the animal is going to eat garbage. In garbage are a lot of bacteria so it will still die. The owners often do not know what they do to the animal.

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