Scar Island Dan GemeinhaRt

The book starts off in the ocean with rough waves

and then moves onto Scar Island. Scar Island is a very dark and gloomy place

Jonathan starts off on a boat in the middle of the ocean with very rough waves.

Then he travels to Slabhenge Reformatory School for troubled boys. The school is very plain and dark everything is made of grey bricks with moss growing in them.

I feel like my novel takes place in modern times. I imagine it to be a very dark and sad time period because Jonathan is regretful about what he has done and I imagine that day to be very cloudy, rainy and rough.

The environment of my book is very overcast and rainy. It also is very rough on the oceans with big waves rocking the boat side to side. It makes me feel gloomy because overcast and rain reminds me of something sad.

The population of scar Island is very empty, there's only about 15 kid and 10 adults in that island. Also the type of people that live in the island have committed a crime or they are mean people trying to torture those who committed a crime.

The school is very plain and just made up of grey stone bricks and the clothes they wear on the island is a grey jump suit that have many stains on them. Also their rooms are just prison cells with thin mattresses and rough blankets to sleep on.

The overall mood is very sad and regretful and the overall atmosphere is gloomy. Some parts of the setting that help created this overall mood and atmosphere is how the day was always overcast and whatever happens in the book is alway sad or regretful.

The settings affects the story because it helps picture that the school is a very bad place. It also helps me understand how much regret Jonathan is felling and how badly this place is treating him and the other boys that are there


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