Instruments From Mexico


The Marimba is like a Xylophone but it's made of wood and has amplifiers underneath to make it louder. It was invented in ancient times when people started hitting wood to make sound. Although thus instrument isn't originally Mexican it is played by many people there.


  1. It is 1000's of years old
  2. It's name is from northern Africa
  3. It can be played by multiple people at one time


The Ocarina was invented in Italy in the 1800's it is similar to a flute. Pre-Hispanic Ocarinas which come from before Christopher Colombus came to America are thousands of years old and don't only come from South America but also Africa.


The Accordion is originally from Germany. It's name comes from the German word Akkord which means musical chord.


  1. It was invented in the 1900's
  2. It's in the family of the keyboards
  3. It's played in Northern Mexico


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