International Sport Industry Discrimination / Depression

Discrimination - Ron Atkinson made racist remarks about Marcel Desailly calling him a ****ing lazy thick ****er because of an underwhelming performance

Andy Gray and Richard keys making sexist remarks about a female official because of a close call saying "female officials do not know the offside rule" they added "see charming Karen Brady this morning complaining about sexism, yeah do me a favour love"

A female ski jumper was not allowed to compete in the winter olympics even though she ranked higher than her brother because it is s male-only competition

Justin Fashanu killed himself because of the fear of not receiving fair treatment after coming out gay, his brother John, offered to pay him to keep it in the closet

Paralympian Hannah Cockcroft accused Nike and Adidas of discrimation after claiming she is not sponsored because she does not wear shoes during her wheelchair races

Billie Jean King battling for equal rights in sport after Bobby Riggs spouted sexist rhetoric and saying women belonged in the bedroom and kitchen

The impact of discrimination - young women and girls who are target of sexism may lose self-esteem and feel ashamed and unsure of themselves

The impact of discrimination (racism) - fear, hatred, low self-esteem and fear of being ridiculed

Depression in sport

• Robert Enkes suicide 2009,

• Kelly Holmes self-harming cut herself with scissors

• Marcus Trescothick hero of 2005 ashes says can’t focus can’t sleep

• Frank Bruno boxing champion agitation arguments aggression mood changes

• Neil Lennon Celtic Captain family affected due to depression

• Serena Williams 11-time grand slam champ struggled after death of sister

• Freddie Flintoff struggled with depression after first retirement in 2009 heavy drinking

• Ricky Hatton first career defeat by Floyd Mayweather, second defeat by Manny Pacquiao, depressed & went into rehab in 2010

• Dwayne Johnson in 2014 went into serious depression

• Michael Vardy flew home from cricket world cup seeking mental health issues

• Paul Gascoigne suffering from depression, bulimia, OCD, bipolar, alcoholism, cocaine, chain-smoking, gambling, junk food,

Despite the alarmingly large amount of athletes acknowledging their depression, a lot remains unknown about their true experiences and why it occurs

In truth, a lot remains unknown; one question to explore is; can it be created from sport itself? Career termination has always been perceived as a significant milestone in a retiring athlete, given the significant influential role of athletic identity

Depression can be a reaction to a specific situation or life event (for example, bullying or the break-up of a relationship) or can seemingly come out of the blue

Its a two way thing e.g. Most people recommend playing sport to tackle depression, however the athletes who compete in sport are also prone to depression due to:

· Pressure

· Over Training

· No Down Time

· Feeling Overwhelmed

· Pain

· Injury

People dying, affecting their families and people around them.


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