From the Headmaster:

Well, quite a week.

Derek Redmond, art competition success, triathlon success and (I hope) a thought provoking assembly followed by a most enjoyable evening where so many of you braved the rain and the traffic to join us for the welcome BBQ. This edition is particularly bright and engaging as we reflect back on what has been a very busy and very enjoyable week; do please read through each section, there is a rather interesting competition to enter.

With just two weeks to go until half term, I am keen to remind you that we have the parent consultation meetings taking place next week in addition to football matches against Clarence House.

I look forward to seeing you all this week and to seeing your competition entries - details below.

Yours sincerely,


Art Success

I am delighted to confirm that we enjoyed great success at the Independent Schools Association London West Regional Art Competition this week. Three awards of 'Highly Commended' for Yash, Alexa and Isabel C., a second place for Luce and Sarah for their 3D group category and a very impressive first place for Kiran in the category of 3D individual category means that her artwork will now travel up to the national competition in November. Not bad for our first attempt! Well done to all of our children who entered.

Derek Redmond

It is always interesting to meet someone who you have been talking about for, well, at least two years. I was lucky enough to spend ten minutes with him in advance of our special assembly on Monday. Utterly down to earth and clearly intelligent I was delighted that so many of you agreed that his visit lived up to every expectation.

I think, in between the references to 'that' race and his subsequent problems with this hamstring, his message was clear; do not regret anything so long as you have 'given it everything.' Apply yourself fully to a challenge and, regardless of the outcome, you can take pride from you efforts. Could it be similar to the SAS approach of 'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail...'

It is also worth noting that he is clearly driven and determined to thoroughly enjoy life and challenge himself. Although very busy, he made time to speak to everyone and answer questions in detail.


Now. May I ask for your help?

During the assembly on Thursday, we spoke about the values and morals that make our school. We spoke about perseverance and resilience, respect and tolerance. We spoke about the importance of happiness and encouragement. We also discussed the following verse from 'If' by Rudyard Kipling -

We had a wonderful discussion about how we can describe our school, drawing upon a variety of descriptions and examples from other schools -

The children immediately started volunteering some superb descriptions and mottos for our school. With the school approaching quite a significant milestone next academic year, our 70th anniversary (1949-2019) as well as our Year 6 children potentially reaching the conclusion to their time at Park Hill, we all agreed that the time has come for us to agree upon a school motto.

The plan is to form a small committee of school councillors, staff and parents to shortlist five of the best suggestions and that put it to a vote. The prize? As well as the honour of giving us a much needed motto, Amazon vouchers will be yours (adult or child) to enjoy. Please do take part and click on the following link to start the creative process -


The weather was perfect as our team made their way around the M25 and through the Dartford Tunnel to Brentwood for the Independent Schools Association Junior Triathlon. Aimed specifically at Year 5 and Year 6 children, we are very much looking to provide the children with the experience of competing, the goal being that we increase the size of our team so that we can take a large squad to the National Triathlon in May/June. Already I know that a number of children benefitting from our Swim Squad will be ready for the National Triathlon. Very well done to all of the children; two triathlons by the age of 9 years old - brilliant!

I would also like to make a particular mention of Miss Adamidou. What stood out to me was just what an impact she has already had on the swimming ability of the children and her attitude towards all that she does. Just as with Mr Papps, I am delighted that all of our children across the school are already benefitting from their expertise and knowledge. By growing to Year 6 (and potentially beyond) the whole school benefits.

News from Year 5 and Year 4

We began our week by revealing our plaster casts from the very pink alginate. All pupils were amazed with their results as they pulled away the mounds to expose vivid representations of objects, fingers and whole hands.

On Tuesday a handful (no pun intended) of plaster casts and three of our Aztec Masks were submitted for the ISA South West London Regional Art Competition. To our delight we congratulate: Yash, Isabel C and Alexa who were highly commended for their Aztec Masks; Luce and Sarah won 2nd place for their holding hands plaster cast; Kiran won 1st place for her plaster cast of her fist.

In English, pupils have been reflecting on their work with plaster casting and have begun to create presentations to explain how to create art works similar to theirs. Next week they will be aiming to complete them before starting our next English subject of observational poetry using expanded noun phrases and relative clauses.

Our Maths we have a break from place value this week and we will be focussed on: three- dimensional shapes; drawing circles; learning about properties of different triangles. We aim to create artwork with our knowledge of shapes with inspiration from Wassily Kandinsky.

For humanities we look at how religion was important to daily life and some of the rituals that occurred, which we will compare with the religions that the European settlers believed in.

In Latin we were exploring the human body, the names of body parts and then "hands, shoulders, knees and toes' in Latin.

Don't forget - Swimming kit on Wednesday; Games kit on Tuesday; Parent Meetings Wednesday and Tuesday; InterHouse Football on Tuesday.

News from Year 3

Year 3 have been learning how to multiply x 10, x 100 x 1000 etc. We have called zero a hero as it is always there to fill the space as a place holder. This then helped us figure out how to multiply in multiples of ten. We have been busy working out sums like 20 X 3, 40 x 5, 70 x 6. We used our times tables knowledge to help us work out the sums and a variety of strategies to work out the harder tables such as repeated addition.

In English we have been completing our character descriptions looking at using our Decsriptosaraus to help us build up our vocabulary and make our character more interesting.

In computing we have been learning how to distort and edit photographs, with a focus on keyhole photographs. Have a look at all of our masterpieces.

Don't forget - Swimming kit on Wednesday; Games kit on Tuesday; Parent Meetings Wednesday and Tuesday; InterHouse Football on Tuesday.

News from Year 2

Year 2 have been working on structured poems inspired by Spike Milligan. They have created poems using rhyming couplets and have practised finding rhyming words. Children have also been learning to perform poems using rhythm and expression to great effect - particularly well done to Mario who read his poem brilliantly in time with a beat.

In Mathematics, the children have been practicing adding up pounds and pence as well as finding amounts using the correct coins. In Science, the children have been creating food chains and explaining what each part of a chain is.

Don't forget - Swimming kit on Wednesday; Games kit on Tuesday; Parent Meetings Wednesday and Tuesday; InterHouse Football on Tuesday.

News from Year 1

This week to further our knowledge and understanding of toys we went on a trip to Pollocks Toy Museum in London.

It is a truly unique museum with every corner full of old and unusual toys. They even have an Egyptian Toy from 2000BC, a clay mouse with moving wooden mouth and tail.

We discovered how Victorian children had to look after their toys with many being made from wax or paper. In fact we learnt how difficult it can be to make our own toys by designing our own paper doll bears which needed to be printed, coloured and cut to size.

Maths this week focused on measure and we have been using the standard measures centimetre and metre. At Woodland school we applied our skills measuring tree trunks, leaves and sticks independently and with a working partner.

Our writing stimulus this week was Toy story and proved really inspirational for the girls in Year 1 who wrote some fantastic descriptions. Our Big Write this week focused on writing a wanted poster for the dreadful Sid to protect toys from his evil antics.

On Friday we had our Scooter training and learnt just how important it is to wear a helmet. We learnt how to perform an emergency stop, safe and polite passing of pedestrians on the pavement and how to cross the road in the safest way. We developed our control of the scooter and how to navigate obstacles.

Don't forget - Swimming kit on Wednesday; Games kit on Tuesday; Parent Meetings Wednesday and Tuesday; InterHouse Football on Tuesday.

News from Reception

We would like to give Yusuf a warm welcome to Reception.

Reception enjoyed their week partaking in a range of ‘autumn activities.’ The week began with noticing the weather change and going on an autumn hunt finding an abundance of conkers, acorns and red, yellow, brown leaves. We then used our iPads to search for photographs and find which tree they belonged to. Then children took photographs at Richmond Park, uploaded them to key note app and used the drawing tool to manipulate and adapt their photo. In Maths the children looked at number, creating their own number lines and filling in the missing gaps. Phonics has been taught daily revisiting sounds and introducing tricky words ‘no’ and ‘go.’ Please encourage your child to read their reading scheme book and practise letter sound recognition. We ended the week on a high by cooking some popcorn. Have a great weekend!

Gentle reminder to all parents: Please can you bring your child into school wearing their Sports kit and full waterproofs/wellies every Wednesday morning ready for Woodland School. Thank you.

News from Second Steps

Well what an exiting start to the week Second steps had with the visit from Derek Redmond. In the days after we discussed Dereks story in our circle times picking up key pieces of informations we remembered. One area the children remembered was that his dad helped him when he was hurt. From this came a deep discussion about how we can do nice things like this for our friends and teachers. James “we can cuddle them to make them happy”.

In Woodlands school we made perfume from different leaves, using lavender and other plants. They used their senses to see what smells they liked. As part of our finger gym we have been threading different sized beads onto string to make necklaces and bracelets.

As a reminder ‘Show and Tell’ sessions are on Friday. This is when your child can bring in a toy or picture to show the rest of the class. For the rest of the week please can we encourage children not to bring toys from home as we have had a few go missing. Please ensure all belongs including ‘Show and Tell’ items are clearly labelled as this makes it far easier to find missing items.

News from First Steps

Children have had so much fun in First Steps this week. We listened the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears and they visited us in the home corner. Children pretended to feed them with the porridge. Children learned about sinking and floating using natural resources like sea shells and sycamore seeds collected from the trees in the school grounds. Terry the Teddy came to visit us with Ms Georgina and helped children to practise their sharing and singing skills. The children dripped coloured water using the pipets to change the colour of shaving foam, green was the their favourite colour. Ms A was teaching the children how to jump with two feet together by jumping on the spots and jumping over an obstacle. Ms Whelan helped the children to measure all the ingredients to make play dough, naming each one, then taking turns to mix it all together.

Tapestry - we have added so many lovely learning observations of your child while in nursery. Please make sure to login as we add them weekly. Thank you!

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