Georgia and Cedric and life in the spirit

This is Cedric, son of the Slave Woman

Cedric and Georgia went to the same church. This story could just as easily be called sons and daughters of the Free woman. Jesus appeared prior to the sermon one day and said, 'Folks. Listen up! If you remain attached to the law in any way as a means of life, you are not in the Spirit.' Hearing this Cedric went away insulted. Georgia thought a lot about what Jesus had said and went away pondering.

She was a searcher for life to the full.

Georgia had passed through many church circles and several denominations. She was a compulsive 'Searcher For Life and Truth.' Cedric stuck to his church. He made excuses for it rationalised its mistakes and absorbed the humbug that passed for its theology. He did this for one reason. His church was who he was. Cedric feared for himself - feared that without his church he would disappear. Well not literally. He feared the essential 'he' would vanish. Which one has a fair chance of doing if one's identity is not located in something eternal - like Jesus Himself.

Georgia eventually found what she was looking for. She learned that God was where she was; that she was in God and God was in her. That her being was incarnated with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That she had an identity that trumped all other identities. She knew she was a daughter of God.

She is because God is in her and she is in God.

Her being was incarnated with God!

I've noticed in my life as a 'church person' that the busiest people can be the most godless and that these same people mostly oppose a true move of God. Why? They have been taught that activity is godliness or worse. Activity allows them to avoid real intimacy with Jesus and therefore a full commitment. So it allows them to retain their lives for themselves. Who would have thought?! The primitive and rudimentary parodies of godliness have one thing in common. They have people 'doing things' to arrive at 'godliness. But sons of God get to be "Godly" because they are God's daughters and sons. They have embraced who they are because THEY BELIEVE. They are living, being and moving about their world as who they are - Sons in God. Jesus released spirit and life because He was the Son of His Father. Thanks to Jesus we now have this union, this sonship and access to this spirit and life. The thrill of being daughters and sons is that we ARE SPIRIT AND LIFE. As such we impart life whereas as busy as the flesh may be it imparts nothing of the Kingdom.

One with God and hidden in Jesus we gain ourselves and become who we are to give out the spirit and life that is our design

Jesus urged us not to attempt two masters because our soul can only attach itself in spirit and in truth to one - and the one we will join ourselves to in religion will not be the One Spirit. As the Bride of Christ we have but one Husband. "Religion" largely consists of the culture of multiple 'masters' (husbands) who are not genuine masters but who anaesthetise our spirit and confuse our soul in a form of godliness.

You have one Husband who is Christ

The quality of our life is not determined by what we do. The quality of our life and our doings are the effect of 'who' stands as the Source of our being. Let that soak in. Woven into God we are authentic and life-giving sons/daughters who live in the security and comfort of our real nature in God. I mean this:

'You will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you' John 14.20 NIV.

The source of our being is not the earth or our many activities. We originated from the desire of the trinity to share the fullness and richness of their life with us.

Our being has a source. This is the interface between the self and God, between our innermost being and the trinity. If our being is rooted in religion; if the door of our soul and the face of our spirit beholds the face of something IMPERSONAL and abstract like the law or religion - we are rooted in non-life. Rootedness in non-life is the norm for many but it's not the normal Kingdom life. This life is the spirit of sonship come in the flesh. In other words come as you.

The effect on our personhood if our inner life melded to an abstraction like the law or religion is DESENSITISATION, benumbing and a spiritual form of gangrene. As a Georgia we can be a daughter of the free woman and come alive in the spirit of sonship. In a life as a Cedric we can live as a son of the slave woman. We live below our potential as a son and as a son in name but not as a son in spirit and in truth.

Richard Rohr writes, "In the Judeo-Christian creation story, humans were created in the very "image and likeness of God" (Genesis 1:26). Our DNA is divine. The divine indwelling is never earned by any behavior whatsoever or any ritual, but only recognized and realized (Romans 11:6, Ephesians 2:8-10) and fallen in love with. When you are ready, you will be both underwhelmed and overwhelmed at the boundless mystery of your own humanity. You will know you are standing under the same waterfall of mercy as everybody else and receiving an undeserved radical grace, which gets to the root of everything. Without that underlying experience of God as both abyss and ground, it is almost impossible to live in the now, in the fullness of who I am, warts and all, and almost impossible to experience the Presence that, paradoxically, always fills the abyss and shakes the ground." (1)

God, as in the trinity, is both the abyss who engulfs you and the ground on which you stand.

Tied to the law we can live a life of quiet persistence, emitting some drops of God's life. This is the religious life in which one is insulated from God by one's mindset and therefore insulated from oneself and the real energy of spirit and life. As a result Jesus can say to us, 'Well done. You have exuded a few drops of life. But had you followed my new and living way you could have gushed out rivers of spirit and life and lived as a son in fullness instead of in shadow.'

You can live as the Bride of Christ or you can live as a divorcee or a widow and prolong the illusions of the Fall.

This is why we must live in the new covenant and not the old, in the spirit and not the law and in the truth and not the mystery of iniquity posing as godliness.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See (p. 22). The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.

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