Scientific Research Grace MacDougall, Class 2, May 13, Genus: Canis

Characteristics of Life

Reproduction: the ability to produce an offspring

L. David Mech from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, along with two others conceived and designed an experiment that collected data of female wolves breeding because there wasn't much information on the subject.

Grow & Develop: change in size or number & change in behavior or function

Published on January 19, 2017, recent studies showed the extinction of Enzo wolf (Canis lupus hattai).

Uses Energy: the ability to do work

WORK WANTED AD: you must have razor sharp teeth, fast hunting reflexes, strong stamina, and most importantly patience to stalk and kill successfully.

Adapt to Environment: when an organism changes its appearance and properties to survive

Yorgos Iliopoulos from the CALLISTO Wildlife Society, along with a few others studied how wolf packs choose rendezvous sites based on their environment for their offsprings and how they are being affected by anthropogenic landscape features.

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