Research some other examples of Pope Francis showing his commitment to Interfaith Dialogue. by Malia and clare

1. He spreads messages to the world conveying the messages of Interfaith Dialogue. He shows commitment by consistently spreading this message. This was shown in when he attended a meeting at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall during the first day of his papal visit to South Asia where he said a speech to different religious communities. In his speech he stated,

“As experience has shown for (inter-religious) dialogue and encounter to be effective, it must be grounded in a full and forthright presentation of our respective convictions. Certainly, such dialogue will accentuate how varied our beliefs, traditions and practices are. But if we are honest in presenting our convictions, we will be able to see more clearly what we hold in common. New avenues will be opened for mutual esteem, cooperation and indeed friendship.” – Pope Francis, 2015

2. Another example of when he showed Interfaith Dialogue was when he attended the Assisi, World Day of Prayer and Peace in 2016 and he addressed the world stating,

“Our religious traditions are diverse. But our differences are not the cause of conflict and dispute, or a cold distance between us. We have not prayed against one another today, as has unfortunately sometimes occurred in history. Without syncretism or relativism, we have rather prayed side by side and for each other. In this very place Saint John Paul II said: “More perhaps than ever before in history, the intrinsic link between an authentic religious attitude and the great good of peace has become evident to all”

This conveyed that even though our religious traditions are diverse, all religions were at that meeting together and there together in peace, believing and hoping for a peaceful world. He stats that everyone should gather and promote harmony especially where there is conflict.


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